Garrett Watts & Andrew Siwicki Launch Weekly Podcast ‘Sweet Boys’

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Watch out 2020, I think Garret Watts and Andrew Siwicki just saved the rest of the year being the absolute sweet boys they are. Watts, a popular YouTuber, and Siwicki, a talented cinematographer, have combined forces again to launch a new podcast titled Sweet Boys. The podcast is said to be a “brainchild” of the two who have spent the last year working on it after both deciding it was something they really wanted to do. 

Watts and Siwicki have been friends for a while, and it is worth noting that it was actually Watts who helped introduce Siwicki to the audiences of YouTube as Shane Dawson’s camera man after introducing the two. As the two of them play off of each other very well on camera, it is going to be an interesting change of pace to sit back and listen to them as they interact.

There’s no information on what the podcast will focus on just yet, but there is an introduction episode already up on Apple Podcasts. They have also announced that alongside Sweet Boys being an audio podcast, it will also be a video podcast. The audio will drop on listening platforms on Wednesdays while the video will drop on the Sweet Boys YouTube channel every Thursday.

Sweet Boys launches November 18 on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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By Mikayla
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