‘Neon Lights’ Starring Kim Coates, Brenna Coates, Dana Abraham, and More Coming Spring 2021

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Image courtesy of 'Neon Lights' and Red Hill Entertainment

It is not very often that both father and daughter get to star in a film together. But that is what fans will see in Kim Coates (Bad Blood) latest role, Neon Lights. Coates, who is also a producer on the project, and his daughter Brenna Coates (Coroner) will both be part of the indie thriller that will be filmed in Ontario, Canada soon—also marking their first on-screen collaboration.

The movie follows tech-tycoon Clay (Abraham). Overwhelmed by the press and paparazzi, he decides to sell his possessions and buy a property off-grid. Now that he has a peaceful home and his freedom back, it is time to find and rebuild his city family as he had in San Francisco. You would think making friends that become family was the hard part, but it’s not. The hard part is now they begin to disappear.

Neon Lights will be directed by Rouzbeh Heydari (Cypher), the screenplay was written by Dana Abraham (Brotherhood), who will also be acting and producing.

Neon Lights features Kim Coates, Brenna Coates, Dana Abraham, Erika Swayze, Stephen Tracey, René Escobar Jr., Brit MacRae, and Lauren Howe.

Fans could see the Neon Lights release date in spring 2021. Stay tuned for information as it becomes available.

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