‘Bad Blood’ Season 2, Episode 6 Recap: “What To Do About Valentina”

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In this week’s episode of Bad Blood, Declan (Kim Coates) makes some moves to get closer in his plan to take down Teresa (Anna Hopkins) and Christian (Johnny Falcone).

On the phone with Ken (Eric Hicks), Declan tells him to bring up the Zippo lighter, because it will match and point to Teresa. With every shipment of drugs Declan gets, he tests to make sure it is in the 90% range of purity. What he does not know is that Twix (Ajuawak Kapashesit), Rose’s (Sharon Taylor) brother, has been stealing cocaine from every shipment and replacing it with talcum powder.

When the bikers meet up with Declan to get their supply from him, they are all tense because of what Declan did to the Irish in the previous episode.

At their warehouse, Alex tells his guys to test all of the product. And when they do, some samples comes back tainted because of Twix’s meddling. They call the twins to see what their offer is. Teresa wants them to kill Declan because then they would have the Montreal market. They agree.

Reggie (Ryan McDonald) has not been sleeping well. He keeps seeing the cop he accidentally killed whenever he closes his eyes. He tries to talk to Declan about it, but Declan is too distracted to listen. Later, Declan takes Reggie on a car ride and tells him that he found out his father died. Declan does not feel sad, because he found him five years ago and confronted his past.  He tells Reggie that he must do the same thing.

They pull up in front of a house, and Declan tells him this is where the guy that abused him lives and tells Reggie to go get his closure. Reggie does not want to and tells Declan that he is not like him — all he needs is someone to be there and look out for him. “I wish you had someone like I got you,” he says to Declan.

Bobby (Brandon Oakes) gets a visit from Declan asking him to give Nats’ (Dylan Taylor) protection contract to him, since the Cosoleto family is part of the reason that his son is dead. Bobby tells him he will not do that, that he will keep his word. Before he leaves, Declan tells him to talk to Rose, because it was not her fault and she is already feeling devastated. Bobby agrees to see Rose. They talk about Declan and that he is not doing this for them, so they have to. Rose goes back to the reservation and tells Declan that he now has Nats’ protection contract.

In Enzo’s (Daniel Kash) garage, Domenic (Louis Ferreira) plays the recording for him and Luca (Franco Lo Presti) that captured Valentina’s (Melanie Scrofano) confession to Nats about talking to the police. Domenic looks reluctant when he says they have to deal with the situation, because he means that they should kill Valentina. Enzo remembers his promise to his son to protect Valentina. His son says no and reminds them about his grandson’s first birthday party.

Enzo gets Bobby to give Nats a cellphone, so he can tell him to watch what he says because he has been bugged by the police. Nats get to talk to his son and wish him a happy birthday. He tells him that he loves him, and when Valentina asks to talk to him, he hangs up not wanting to speak with her.

Valentina and Enzo argue over the fact that she talked to the police. He tells her to act normal and enjoy the day. When Domenic and Luca get there, they all act like a happy family for the sake of the baby.


Unexpectedly, the twins show up to the party, and Valentina is not happy to have them in her home and near her family.

At the birthday party (in a different room), the twins tell the Cosoleto men about the deal with the bikers. Domenic is not happy about bringing in people from outside the family. Luca is not happy about working with the bikers in Montreal and leaves the room. Teresa talks to Luca in the bathroom and gives him a cell phone that is a direct line to her. She says that she trusts him and is giving him a second chance. They stare at each other for a few moments, then have a hot and heavy make-out session.

Valentina is stressed and upset with everything that has happening and has had a few too many drinks. She makes a speech to her son in front of everyone. In the garage, Enzo tells them that a cop told him that Valentina was a snitch. Domenic gets mad that his own brother did not say anything and pretended not to know this. He wants Domenic to promise not to do anything to Val and goes to be with his grandson in his room.

Valentina asks Luca what they were talking about in the garage and if they all know about her talking to the police. Luca tells her not to worry about that and helps her to bed. Before she passes out, she tells him, “Marrying into your family didn’t turn out the way I thought it would.”

Luca finishes cleaning up from the party downstairs and goes to check on Enzo and the baby. When he gets to Valentina’s room, he finds his father. Domenic is standing over Valentina with rope in his hands. He has killed her! Enzo comes in having heard a commotion and argues with Domenic when he tells them that killing her had to happen, and now they must settle on how to handle the aftermath. Enzo punches his brother and leaves. As Luca and Domenic are burying Valentina’s body, Luca tells his dad that he will never forgive him for this.

Ken shows Detective Bullock (Lisa Berry) the picture of the lighter and tells her it looks just like the one Teresa had in the surveillance photos. She tells him to get in contact with the liaison RCMP in Italy to test and verify prints. Declan goes to Detective Bullock’s house to meet her. He tells her that a gift will be given to her and not to ask questions about it. He also tells her that he wanted to see her and size her up. When she asks him what he sees in her, Declan tells her that he sees someone like himself… someone who likes winning.

With only two episodes left of Bad Blood this season, what do you think will happen? Let us know in the comments below!

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