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Back in August, Love, Victor fans got a little slice of happiness when Hulu dropped the news that the show will return for another season! Creator and executive producer Isaac Aptaker recently took to Instagram to share that the cast already had their first table read for season 2. In anticipation (and sheer excitement), we came up with a few things we hope to see in the upcoming season.

Isabel and Armando’s reaction to Victor coming out

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At the end of season 1, just before the credits started rolling, Victor came out to his parents. The last shot we saw was Victor exhaling and smiling after sharing his news. What we didn’t see were his parents’ reactions. While they probably won’t leave us hanging, hopefully their reactions are revealed early in the first episode of season 2. Considering Isabel and Armando’s (especially Armando’s) view towards being gay, fingers crossed they quickly show support for Victor and work on being much more open-minded.

Victor embraces his new identity

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Throughout season 1, Victor grapples with his sexuality, unsure of whether he’s gay or not. By the season finale, he’s accepted that he is and seems happy about the realization. As Victor is the primary focus of the show (his name IS in the title), his acceptance of his new self will most likely be a large part of season 2 as he learns to embrace and be proud of himself.

Mia will find peace

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One character that’s been on our minds since season 1 is Mia. When we last saw her, she had quite a bit on her plate. She found out her father and Veronica are getting married AND expecting a baby, she accidentally found out Victor is gay, and feelings about her mother and Andrew have resurfaced. In season 2, Mia will hopefully find some closure about her mother, build a good relationship with Veronica, and rebuild a better relationship with Andrew. I also hope that if (and maybe when) she chooses to forgive Victor, it’s on her terms, but the two are able to work it out. Really, we just want Mia to be happy.

Jokes galore!

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One of my favorite parts about the show is how it blends humor with emotion, and the best way it does so is through a plethora of Dad jokes and one-liners. Season 1 brought us A+ lines like “You two look like a couple of bananas getting ready to split,” and “You are having what they call MOFO.” The show continuing to add to their repertoire of jokes would be a great way to relieve tension likely to arise (especially with Isabel and Armando’s looming separation).

Simon and Bram continue to play a role

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In the premiere episode, we find out that Victor has turned to Simon about his dilemma, and Simon offers his support. In “Boys’ Trip,” Victor heads to NYC to visit Simon, where he meets Bram and his and Simon’s roommates. This is the first episode where Victor finds his people, as they literally and figuratively embrace him. Though it’s not confirmed whether or not Simon and Bram will return, I’m hopeful that they will continue to be part of Victor’s support system in some capacity, even if they’re only mentioned in conversation.

Learning more about Pilar

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One character who definitely deserves more screen time is Pilar. Though we saw a pretty good glimpse of her in season 1, it’s clear she has even more to offer; she’s an excellent character. It’d be interesting to get a more personal look into how she’s coping with the move and the news of her parents’ separation, as well as what her experience at Creekwood is like since moving. Season 1 also gave us an episode of her and Felix at the start of what could be a great friendship (and even more reason that Felix is an honorary Salazar).

Even more LGBTQ+ representation

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Arguably one of the most important aspects about Love, Victor (and the Simonverse in general) is the way it puts a gay teen at the forefront. It’d be great to see season 2 continue to build on that, especially within Creekwood High, and helping LGTBQ+ viewers, teens especially, feel more seen. A recently shared casting call for the show did confirm there will be at least one more gay character who will bring another cultural perspective to the table.

Love, Victor is streaming now on Hulu. You can read our season 1 review here, and find more Love, Victor coverage here. Stay tuned for updates about season 2 as they become available. What do you hope to see in the next season? Let us know in the comments!

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