Check Out ‘To The Rescue’, Where Dogs Are Looking for a Furever Home


Thousands of dogs are put down every year due to a lack of resources. To The Rescue wants to save the most desperate dogs from this fate by transforming them from a neglected stray into a loving family pet.

Prepare yourself and get ready for the feels that will come out of this new series, To The Rescue, that will share stories about dogs and the people who rescue them; yup, time for the Kleenex.

The half-hour docuseries premiered on Saturday, October 17, with a new episode being released each week. Each story will focus on the multiple organizations and people it takes to save and help at-risk dogs heal and be loved at their furever homes. Some of the organizations we will see include animal shelters, pet rescue groups, animal rescue organizations, foster families, transporters, behaviorists, and more. Viewers will see dogs at various stages in the pounds awaiting their fate. Some have been labeled unadoptable. You can watch the trailer for the show below.

The show is hosted by Tommy Habeeb (Cheaters). This has been a passion project for him during the process that took over two years to bring the show to exist. They began filming in February and were able to continue filming safely in multiple locations around the country during COVID-19. When it comes to the show, Habeeb has said:

Thousands of people are working tirelessly every day to save dogs who need their help, and our show lifts the veil on the world of dog rescue and the incredible work of these everyday heroes. It takes a team to save a dog’s life. So, while To The Rescue is ultimately a story about dogs, it’s also about all the amazing people who go to great lengths to rescue them. Each of their stories is only a small piece of the puzzle, but together, these amazing tales of hope and redemption show us that there’s no wrong way to come to the rescue.

The show will be partnering with the Bissell Pet Foundation to support the dog rescue community and reduce over-crowded kill shelters all over the United States and more. They are also going to allow viewers to foster one of the found puppies virtually. During the series, they will show updates on how the dog is doing.

For more information about the series, you can go to the show’s website and social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Don’t forget to check which channel to tune into To The Rescue.

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