Watch: Frank Iero Shares His Turtle Rescue Story with The Dodo

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Some may know Frank Iero from his time as the rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist of My Chemical Romance, while others may know him from branching off into his successful solo music ventures — the most recent iteration being Frank Iero and the Future Violents. However, fame and glory aside, Iero has made a new name for himself as of late, thanks to some extracurricular backyard activities – The Turtle Rescuer.

For those that follow Iero on Twitter and Instagram, you’ll know that Iero and his family awoke one June morning this year to find a large snapping turtle lounging in their backyard. The excitement of the adventures of Snippy increased tenfold as the turtle decided that the Iero’s yard was clearly the ideal place to lay eggs. And so began a months-long trail of updates on Snippy’s offpsring, as the Iero family rescued the disturbed eggs after a storm and cared for them until they hatched.

Fans of this gripping and heartwarming tale will be thrilled to hear that the full story is now available in its entirety, with commentary from Iero, courtesy of The Dodo.

Check out the video below!

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