Saturday, October 16, 2021

WATCH: Frank Iero Appears in Latest Episode of Premier Guitar’s ‘Rig Rundown’

Frank Iero recently appeared on an episode of Premier Guitar’s Hooked series to talk about Black Flag’s song “Rise Above” and the band’s musical influences on him. Now, Iero has teamed up with Premier Guitar yet again, this time for an episode of Rig Rundown.

“In this episode, Iero introduces us to his oddball offsets and sentimental single-cuts, he explains how unusual tunings and pinky rings give his ‘broken’ riffs an extra off-kilter sound and extra gunk, and we witness how a pandemic turned his basement into a pedal warehouse.”

Visit Premier Guitar’s website to check out the full hour-long video, along with a photo gallery highlighting some of Iero’s gear.

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Frank Iero is best known as the rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist of My Chemical Romance, a band that is set to embark on their highly anticipated Return tour soon. In addition to MCR, Iero has explored a variety of solo music projects of the years, the most recent being Frank Iero and the Future Violents (aka Violence). Iero released a full-length album, Barriers, with the Future Violents back in 2019, and a new EP — Heaven Is A Place, This Is A Place — in January.

Stream Heaven Is A Place, This Is A Place now on your preferred music platform, including Spotify and Apple Music, and make sure to check out our review.

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