Paramount Releases New Clips for ‘Spontaneous’ Starring Katherine Langford and Charlie Plummer

Image courtesy Paramount.


With the film already available in select theaters and due to hit on-demand platforms on October 6, Paramount has released several new clips from the dark comedy Spontaneous. Each clip features Katherine Langford as Mara, a teenager who must navigate the regular high school scene as fellow teens are literally exploding around her. The first clip was exclusive to Entertainment Tonight and introduces Charlie Plummer as Mara’s love interest Dylan.

Next up, we see a group of concerned politicians meet with the teens about the spontaneous combustions of their classmates, bombing miserably as Mara calls them out on their attitudes.

Lastly, Paramount released an extended trailer with new footage, which you can watch below. Spontaneous is in select theaters now and will arrive on-demand October 6.


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