Monday, May 17, 2021

Julia Michaels Drops Flirty New Track “Lie Like This”

If one were to be lured under the spell of synesthesia, then this lip-kissed number by Julia Michaels would be a hot red. “Lie Like This” stems from a morning snapshot with her boyfriend, JP Saxe. But more so speaking on when you finally re-find yourself after a relationship of ghost’s past, sometimes with someone new or other times in a celebration of one’s self.

“It’s about being hesitant about this new, beautiful thing and just giving in anyway because you know that it’s really special. There are so many spectrums of love. One minute, you’re crying on the floor because you’ve been broken up with, or something didn’t work out the way that you wanted to. Then, all of a sudden, you’re kissing in a park, and you’re holding hands with someone new, and you’ve got all these butterflies,” Michaels told iHeartRadio through a statement.

Turn your volume up as you boogie to “Lie Like This” by watching the lyric video below.

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