Sunday, April 2, 2023

Lewis Capaldi Releases New Celebrity Sing-A-Long Video “Bruises”!

CELEBRITIESLewis Capaldi Releases New Celebrity Sing-A-Long Video "Bruises"!

Leave it to Lewis Capaldi to release a moving, heartbreaking official video for his song “Bruises” and follow it up with a lighthearted, fun, celebrity filled sing-a-long video for the same song!

The celebrity sing-a-long version features Capaldi singing shirtless in the bathroom, with special appearances by a variety of artists, reality stars and absolute legends. From Camila Cabello to YungBlod, Alessia Cara to Niall Horan, James McAvoy to Danny Jones, the guest-list runs the gamut!

Many featured guests appear to be enjoying a sing-a-long in the bathroom, whether they be taking a shower or shaving their legs, each celebrity collaborator adds their own spin on the emotions of this song. If you find yourself needing a mental pick-me-up this celebrity sing-a-long is the thing for you!

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Capaldi always finds a way to make his music unique, but no one could have seen this sing-a-long coming! America’s Sweetheart has done it again and put a new spin on an emotionally heavy song, making it a new and outrageous experience for all viewers!

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