Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Releases Title Sequence Clip for ‘Batman: Death in the Family’

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment


Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has released a clip of their upcoming short, Batman: Death in the Family. Death in the Family is a set of interactive animated shorts that are based on the 1988 landmark DC event, where fans voted by telephone to determine the story’s ending. In the new version, viewers will be presented with numerous “branches,” allowing for multiple options from which to choose and alter the path of the core characters (Batman, Robin, Joker, Red Hood, and more) all from the comfort of your own TV with your remote. Death in the Family also serves as an anchor for an anthology of 2019-2020 shorts, “Sgt. Rock,” “Adam Strange,” “Death,” and “The Phantom Stranger.”

It’s also worth noting that the interactive part of the film will ONLY be available via Blu-ray. The standard digital copy has four played out linear versions of the shorts.

Check out the clip of the opening title sequence below!

Batman: Death in the Family arrives on Blu-ray and Digital starting October 13, 2020.


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