‘The Princess Bride’ Adventure Book Game Comes To Target in October

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Image courtesy of Ravensburger/Wonder Forge
Image courtesy of Ravensburger/Wonder Forge

If you are a fan of the classic film The Princess Bride, then this game is a must-have for fans everywhere! This latest game lets you live out the story, including giants, revenge, and fencing. Players can help Fezzik, Inigo, Buttercup, and Westley against Count Rugen, Prince Humperdink, and the treacherous journey going through the Fire Swamp or maneuvering the Cliffs of Insanity. Ryan Miller designed this fun new game with Steve Warner developing. Andry Laurence was behind the graphic design with Ryan Smith, Medusa Dollmaker, and Lucas Torquato illustrating. The game allows up to four players ages ten and older to play. The Princess Bride Adventure Book Game is set to be released only at Indigo in Canada and Target in the US for $24.99. The Princess Bridge Adventure Book Game releases October 4, exclusively at Target in the US and Indigo in Canada.

Team up with your friends and family to move through the game and the six chapters where players have to pass Eels, the Grandson, and R.O.U.S’s along the way. The Princess Bride Adventure Book Game comes with challenges players will have to get through, a gorgeous game board, and rules for each game chapter. When it is your turn, you complete the following list in order.

Move – you may move a single character one or two spaces, or two characters a single space each.

Storytelling – you may trade one card, complete a challenge, play Special cards, discard any number of cards AND move one character a space per discarded card, or use a Miracle to draw three cards from the Story deck or one card from the Special deck. You can complete any or all actions in any order.

Draw – draw two cards from the Story deck.

Plot – while telling the story, you’ll be interrupted by the Grandson. Discard the top card from the Plot deck and refer to your chapter’s Plot Table to see what happens. Depending on the chapter, something unique will happen.

Discard – discard down to six cards in your hand.

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To pass each of the six chapters, players will need to complete each chapter’s challengers before moving on. Players also have the chance to earn special rewards such as picking a card from the Special Deck that can be used instead of a story card. You can also snag up some miracles from the board that anyone from your team can use anytime. This game is sure to be fun for the entire family and is perfect for that next family game night, so make sure to get yours when they come on sale on October 4!

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