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Disney Press Adds Cinderella and Pocahontas Tales To Before the Story Series

BOOKSDisney Press Adds Cinderella and Pocahontas Tales To Before the Story Series

Disney Press is expanding their children’s Before the Story series which features Disney princesses as young girls, sharing a story of each before they grew up into the princesses we know and love. The newest additions to the illustrated chapter book series are Cinderella Takes the Stage and Pocahontas Leads the Way.

Cinderella Takes the Stage follows Ella (Cinderella) as she prepares for a puppet show contest! The synopsis is as follows:

Ella, or Cinderella, as her parents fondly call her, is getting ready for a puppet-show contest when she meets an unexpected friend, Val. Val doesn’t have much, but she teaches Ella how to sew. In return, Ella shares her sewing materials with Val. On the big day, the girls both put on great shows. But who will win the grand prize?

Ella’s story is one of passion as she tries to put together the best puppet show and learns all about friendship from both Val and her animal friends. The story also includes some familiar faces in Bruno (as just a puppy) and Leo the mouse. Written by Tessa Roehl with beautiful illustrations from Adrienne Brown, it’s a delightful tale that is sure to capture the imaginations of young Disney fans!

Images Courtesy Disney Press.
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Pocahontas Leads the Way features the adventures of Pocahontas as she tries to save a sick child in her village. The synopsis is as follows:

Pocahontas is always looking for an adventure. When Nakoma’s younger brother falls ill and the tribe’s healer needs a special herb to treat him, Pocahontas recruits Nakoma to come with her on a harrowing journey. Will the two girls retrieve the plant in time? Or will their differences cost them the mission and their friendship?

Pocahontas’ tale is one filled with adventure and will inspire the minds of young readers! Her tale also welcomes many familiar characters like her new friend Nakoma, Grandmother Willow, and a baby Meeko the raccoon. Roehl’s wonderful story is illustrated by Rosa La Barbera.

Both books are available in stores and online today, so add them to your collection or buy your young reader their very first Before the Story books!

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