Recap: It’s Getting Hot in Here in ‘The Boys’ Season 2, Episode 6 “The Bloody Doors Off”


In the previous episode of The Boys, Butcher’s plans to go off the map were derailed after a stop at his Aunt Judy’s, which led to a surprise visit from M.M., Hughie, and — unfortunately — Black Noir. Though they escaped unscathed, our eyes certainly did not by the end of the episode. Stormfront and Homelander have recently entered into a very strange dance, which ended in some incredibly violent lovemaking in the closing scene. Ugh. Keep reading to find out what happened in episode 6, “The Bloody Doors Off.”

WARNING: The Boys contains mature subject matter, potentially triggering events, vulgar language, violence, and gore. Those themes may appear in the following recap.

We open with a flashback to eight years ago, which shows Frenchie, Cherie, and a friend getting high in an apartment and discussing The Golden Girls. Frenchie holds up a bomb, which they’re going to use to rob a bank.

Back in the present day, Frenchie is cutting Annie’s tracker out of her shoulder, because Stormfront knows that she’s the one that leaked the Compound V. Hughie ends up covered in blood, as per usual.

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Because the ending of the last episode wasn’t scarring enough, Homelander and Stormfront are back at it again. The two are in the midst of apprehending a bank robber, and Homefront has him pinned up against a wall in an alley. Stormfront, in a wild turn of events, begins to massage the other Supe’s lower extremities, which then leads to her getting him off while Homelander crushes the bank robber’s head. They proceed to have sex beside the body. I will refrain from commenting.

Meanwhile, the Boys are watching an interview with Homelander and Stormfront on the set of Dawn of the Seven (big shout out to the person asking the really important questions — “Let’s be honest for a moment here … who is the biggest prankster on set?”) Hughie brings Annie downstairs and Butcher is less than impressed to see her there, but Hughie explains that Annie has a lead on Stormfront after finding dozens of emails from Stan Edgar on her laptop. Apparently, it sounds like they’re close to a breakthrough at the Sage Grove Center, a psychiatric hospital in Pennsylvania. Butcher, realizing that she may be useful after all, asks Starlight to join them on this next mission.

The Deep enters Maeve’s trailer on the movie set, and she asks him if he “found it.” He replies that there was “no black box,” but a school of fish found “some wreckage that drifted up near Iceland,” and he proceeds to pull out a GoPro. Maeve tells him that if he wants back in The Seven, he can’t say a word to anyone about this.

In her latest venture of being sent to the brink of insanity while on the job, someone informs Ashley that they can’t find Starlight. Meanwhile, still on set, A-Train and The Deep run into one another. The Deep attempts to make peace by commiserating about how they both lost their place in The Seven, but A-Train isn’t taking the bait. And then … he offers him a Fresca.

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We flash back to a scene from eight years ago again — Frenchie has been arrested. Grace Mallory enters the room, seemingly to interrogate him, but she’s actually recruiting him. She offers him a deal, he’s either looking at 20-25 years minimum for his crimes against a Supe, or he can work for her.

Homelander invites Stormfront to his trailer, but she blows him off, stating that she needs to stop by the Vought building but she’ll be back soon. Inside of his trailer, there’s a bouquet waiting for Stormfront. Because nothing says thanks for the hate sex like flowers.

Back at Sage Grove Center, Frenchie, M.M., and Kimiko sneak into the building. Outside, Annie begins to confront Butcher and his attitude toward her. Their argument is interrupted by the arrival of Stormfront, who walks into the facility.

Frenchie, M.M., and Kimiko take over the surveillance room. Upon looking at the security cameras, they realize that the facility is packed to the brim with Supes. In one room, they see Stormfront talking to a patient, and when she leaves, the other man standing in the room torches the patient to a crisp. Frenchie is quick to realize that it’s Lamplighter. Once Stormfront exits the building, they cautiously leave the surveillance room, passing Lamplighter in the hall. The Supe recognizes them and goes to blast them with fire, but ends up burning open one of the locked patient cells instead.

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A Supe, Cindy, enters the hallway with the newfound freedom from her cell. Lamplighter, clearly worried, tries to talk her down. However, it’s a fruitless effort, as she kills a guard without hesitation. The Boys and Lamplighter take off while Cindy frees the rest of the Supes from their cells. The four hole back up in the surveillance room again, watching the cameras, horrified to see the Supes running rampant and killing workers left and right. Lamplighter’s plans to go off on his own are derailed as a Supe breaks into the room and Kimiko has to save him from the acidic vomit spewing from the man’s mouth. Perhaps he’ll stay with them after all.

Butcher, Hughie, and Annie watch, worried, from outside. They’re approached by a rogue Supe that found his way out of the facility, and he sends a blast of energy at them. The van, which Hughie was sitting in, goes flying. Annie and Butcher run to check on him after killing the Supe, only to find that Mr. Cant Ever Catch a Break has been impaled in the stomach by a piece of metal. Annie isn’t able to cauterize the wound because she draws from power sources to use her abilities, and there’s no power there. They take off with Hughie on foot.

Homelander waits inside of his trailer for Stormfront to return, his anger boiling to the tune of a ticking clock. He stares hard at the bouquet, and then we suddenly cut to a scene of the card that was sitting in the arrangement lying burnt on the ground. The fire department mills about in the background. Yep, you guessed it, this giant man child torched his own trailer because Stormfront stood him up. Speaking of, she finally shows up, and he tells her that he knows she was lying … he went to the Vought building and she wasn’t there.

At the Church of the Collective, Alastair is dining with The Deep and A-Train. A-Train goes to leave when he and The Deep begin to bicker, but Alastair stops him in his tracks as he begins to list off all of his current problems … he’s in debt, he has a heart condition, and he’s in withdrawal. A-Train demands to know who told him that, and Alastair simply states that the Collective knows all kinds of things, but they know how to be discreet. He continues to egg him on by saying that Vought is going to replace him with Shockwave, but the Church can help him get back into The Seven.

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At Sage Grove Center, Lamplighter, Frenchie, M.M., and Kimiko take cover in the medicine storage room. Lamplighter tells Frenchie that he remembers him, and asks him why he didn’t stop him from torching Mallory’s grandchildren. We flash back to five years ago. M.M., Frenchie, Butcher (sans Aloha shirt, gasp), and Mallory are in a warehouse, and Lamplighter soon joins them wearing what can only be referred to as the pinnacle of ridiculous superhero costumes. Mallory proceeds to pull out a tablet, showing the Supe the blackmail that they have on him, and she tells him that he needs to tell them every single thing that he sees and hears at Vought now. Not quite trusting the Supe, Mallory sends Frenchie off to tail him.

In the present day, Annie flags down a passing car, which they attempt to commandeer under the guise that they’re FBI agents. The guy isn’t buying it, and he whips a gun out of his glove compartment when he sees Butcher reaching for his own. Annie intervenes before he can shoot Butcher, drawing power from the car, and ends up killing the man (to her dismay).

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Frenchie is in the process of putting together materials to make a bomb, and he asks Lamplighter why nobody ever came for them after the night that Mallory’s grandchildren were killed. He finds out that Lamplighter never told Vought about the incident, and he didn’t even realize (until it was too late) that it was her grandchildren in the bed that night. Lamplighter mentions that he saw Frenchie following him that night, but he disappeared.

Flashing back to five years ago again, we see Frenchie keeping a close eye on Lamplighter as the Supe enters a party. However, Frenchie is then forced to make a difficult decision when he receives a call from Cherie, who tells him that Jay overdosed. He heads back to their apartment to help save his friend instead.

In the current day, Lamplighter explains to the Boys that they’re not making Supes at Sage Grove — these people are test subjects in their quest to stabilize Compound V. Infants handle it best, because with adults, sometimes you get powers, sometimes you get a freak, and sometimes you just explode. Vought’s goal is to eventually be able to inject Compound V into the arm of any adult and produce a solid Supe with solid powers. Lamplighter’s job is simply to burn the evidence.

Banging sounds begin to come from the door, and something that resembles a very long worm comes shooting through the window, heading straight for M.M. Kimiko takes down the Supe that’s on the other side of the door, and the strange worm recedes … oh … directly into this man’s pants. Sorry M.M., sometimes you grab life by the balls, but sometimes life chokes you out with a giant Supe dick. As the group begins to make their way through the hallways again, intent on escaping, Stormfront returns. Lamplighter heads off with her, lying about what happened and omitting the fact that Frenchie, M.M., and Kimiko are hiding just around the corner.

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At the hospital, Hughie is finally stabilized. Annie and Butcher lament over how Hughie never gives up on people, and how he’s too good for either of them.

Elena is searching for Maeve’s phone to order food at her apartment when she finds the GoPro that The Deep retrieved for Maeve. The footage shows the Homelander and Maeve’s terribly botched airplane rescue disaster from season 1.

M.M., Frenchie, and Kimiko have escaped the facility with an ambulance, which they’ve parked in the woods. Mallory pulls up, and they open up the back of the ambulance to reveal Lamplighter. M.M. talks Mallory down from killing him, reasoning that there’s no way that she can punish him as much as he punishes himself, anyway.

Back at the Vought building, Homelander and Stormfront are in her apartment. Things are tense between them, and so she decides to finally be “honest” with him. The Supe opens a chest of her belongings, which includes her Liberty costume. She shows Homelander a photo of her and a woman who appears to be her grandmother, but she explains that it’s her daughter Chloe. Stormfront was born in 1919 in Berlin.

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We learn that Stormfront was actually the wife of none other than Frederick Vought, the founder of the company. Oh, and she’s also a Nazi (insert shocked Pikachu face here). Right, suddenly everything makes sense. Frederick gave her the first successful Compound V injection, teaching her everything, and then they fell in love. Barf. She goes off on a Nazi-esque tirade, and tells Homelander that this is Vought’s true destiny, he is to be the man who will lead them. “You are everything that we dreamed of.” How does Homelander respond to this? Is there any chance that this man possibility has but a tiny shred of humanity attempting to fight for relevancy inside his cold, dead heart? Yeah, no. He kisses her.

To add insult to injury, we see that the dangerous Supe Cindy has escaped Sage Grove, and she’s decided to hitchhike. Well, that’s going to be an issue.

Episodes 1-6 of season 2 of The Boys are now available on Amazon Prime Video. And don’t forget to watch Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys, the official after-show. Episode 7 will premiere on Friday, October 2. Check out all of our recaps for this season here.

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