The BTS Tiny Desk (Home) Concert is Here

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Courtesy of BTS/NPR

BTS collaborated with NPR to bring us a Tiny Desk (Home) Concert, where they performed their hit new single “Dynamite” along with songs “Save Me” and “Spring Day”.

Performing at a local record store with neon lighting accents, groovy outfits and the live band backing, BTS one again nails the retro feel – consistent with the disco-funk theme of their new hit single.

The support of the live band heightens the experience of “Dynamite” and gives “Save Me”, the second song of the set, a fresh new take. BTS slow things down, pulling at the heartstrings of the audience with their final song “Spring Day”, a ballad beloved by both the ARMY and BTS themselves.

Look forward to being blown away by the impeccable vocals and infectious energy of the group throughout as BTS take the NPR format to another level.

Jam out with the boys from BTS by checking out the link below!






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