Sunday, December 4, 2022

A Very Autumn ‘Supernatural’: New Set Pictures from 15×14 “Last Holiday”

THE CWSUPERNATURALA Very Autumn 'Supernatural': New Set Pictures from 15x14 "Last Holiday"

Is it serendipity that the delay of Supernatural‘s final few episodes will cause the seemingly fall-centric holiday-themed episode to air in October? We’d like to think 2020 has given us this one good thing.

As reported by TV Insider, new photos from season 15 episode 14, titled “Last Holiday”, are now available, giving us a sneak peek of the Winchesters’ upcoming adventures.

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In “Last Holiday”, “Sam and Dean discover a wood nymph living in the bunker who is determined to protect her family, at any cost.” According to co-showrunner Andrew Dabb, the eccentric Mrs. Butters has the boys celebrate all of the holidays they’ve missed being holed up in the bunker — knowing the Winchesters, that might just mean all of them.

We can’t wait to see the Winchesters get to experience all the holidays they missed out on as kids. Supernatural will begin airing the final seven episodes on October 8.

Want to see what lies in store for the ending? Check out the extended trailer for the final seven episodes, as well as our breakdown!

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