Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Stands Releases Limited Edition “Thanks Boys” Embracelet Charm Celebrating ‘Supernatural’s 15-Year Run Coming To an End

CHARITIESStands Releases Limited Edition "Thanks Boys" Embracelet Charm Celebrating 'Supernatural's 15-Year Run...

“Don’t you cry no more”… it doesn’t seem like the tears will be stopping any time soon.

Celebrating Supernatural‘s 15-year run coming to an end, specifically the last day of filming, Stands has released a new “Thanks Boys” charm and subsequently made us cry yet again.

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The charity partner for this charm’s sales will be Toys for Tots. Charms will begin to ship 1-2 days after the placement of your order.

This charm is a perfect way to keep a little reminder of the monumental impact that the little show that could has had on the lives of so many. To immortalize Supernatural‘s legacy on your wrist, visit Stands’ website and order your charm today!

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