Lucifer Gets Jealous in ‘Lucifer’ Season 5, Episode 6: “BlueBallz”

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Tom Ellis and Lauren German - Image Courtesy of Netflix

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

In the sixth episode of the season, directed by Richard Speight, Jr., we get to see the jealous side of Lucifer. An old flame of Chloe turns up at a crime scene and Lucifer doesn’t take the competition well. Ella meets a potential love interest. Maze is trying to be more like Ella. Chloe, Linda, Maze, and Ella go undercover at LUX. Dan makes an unsettling discovery, and Deckerstar fans finally get the scene they wanted.

The episode starts with a couple kissing. For a few moments we think it’s Chloe and Lucifer, but it’s just two young concert attendees. A menacing figure is watching them and approaches the couple with a gun. Turn out, it’s just a water gun and the guy is a friend of the couple. They go back to the show together. We see a DJ Pexxa performing on stage with a huge crowd dancing and singing. The DJ dies on stage by electrocution, but the audience doesn’t realize it immediately.

Lucifer and Chloe arrive on the crime scene together stealing glances at each other. Ella notices something is off and ask them if they came together. Chloe takes Ella away to talk to her in private and confirms they’re together, but they didn’t have sex yet. She asks Ella to keep it secret because she doesn’t want her personal life to be discussed at work.

Tom Ellis and Lauren German- Image Courtesy of Netflix

Ella starts talking about the case. The DJ, Matt Pexxa, was electrocuted by his BlueBallz headphones. The CSI starts explaining how it happened, but Lucifer and Chloe too busy flirting. Ella is not sure it’s a murder. Chloe has a hunch and goes to the stage to check the DJ set while talking and flirting with Lucifer. The detective realizes someone sabotaged the set. Lucifer wants to close the case as soon as possible to be alone with Chloe, but it won’t happen since they need to talk to all the witnesses.

Meanwhile, at Linda’s home, baby Charlie is crying and his parents don’t know what to do. Maze arrives at the house and she starts talking with Linda about Lilith’s death, but the demon insists it doesn’t matter to her. She just doesn’t want to be alone and asks Linda how she can avoid it. The doctor tries to explain that it’s not that simple and tries to give her advice, but she is clearly distracted by Charlie’s cries.

Aimee Garcia – Image Courtesy of Netflix

At the crime scene, Ella meets Pete, a journalist who tries to get a scoop about the murder. Ella can’t give him information and tells him to give her name to the media relations department. He asks her if he can call her for a coffee. Ella declines, saying she is not dating at the moment. She gets excited when she recognizes DJ Karnal. Lucifer is less excited when he sees Chloe hug him. Chloe introduces Jed to Lucifer and reveals that they “casually” dated a long time ago. Jed says to Chloe it wasn’t really casual, completely ignores Lucifer, and interrogates Chloe about Dan and hers relationship. Chloe, uncomfortable, says she is not really in a relationship.

Chloe finds Lucifer by the water and apologizes, telling him she doesn’t want people at work talking about them. They are interrupted by Jed, who just learned that he was supposed to play after Pexxa. He is purposely ignoring Lucifer and placing himself between Lucifer and Chloe. While talking about the murder with Chloe, Jed realizes that the headphones were his and he may have been the target. Lucifer remarks that Jed could be the murderer, but Jed has an alibi.

Justin Bruening – Image Courtesy of Netflix

Back in the precinct, Dan and Lucifer talk about Jed. Dan hates him and tells Lucifer he thinks Chloe will never totally be over Jed. Dan tries to warn Lucifer. “Watch out for that guy. I wouldn’t put anything past him.” Chloe has a suspect, Raul Blanco, who opposed Jed’s foundation plans for the marina. Lucifer and Chloe want to interrogate Blanco and Jed thanks her.

Lucifer and Chloe arrive at the marina and Lucifer is visibly unsettled by Jed and Chloe’s relationship and wants to know more. Chloe says they are over each other, but Lucifer realizes it’s not true since Jed named his foundation “Cherry Jane,” his nickname for Chloe. They start talking to Raul Blanco who organized a protest about the charity program. Chloe accuses him to trying to kill Jed to protect his yacht club. Blanco denies it and says Jed should thank him for protecting the neighborhood. He reveals to Chloe he caught a woman trying to break into Jed’s place. Chloe and Lucifer start theorizing that this woman could be the murderer when Jed’s place explodes. Lucifer is convinced Jed is behind the murder and the explosion because he wants to get close to Chloe again. The detective thinks it’s ridiculous and that nobody would do that for her. Lucifer answers, “Well, I did go to Hell and back for you, twice, but who’s counting.” Chloe finally realizes that he is jealous.

Back at LUX, Amenadiel and Dan are talking about baby Charlie. Amenadiel is worried that he is doing things wrong. Dan tries to reassure him, but Amenadiel is not convinced, because Linda seems to always be right but thanks Dan for being such a great friend and for taking a day off. Dan tells him it’s not entirely selfless. He doesn’t want to be around Jed because Chloe’s ex makes him feel bad about himself. He is worried because he thinks he won’t make up for his mistakes, and Amenadiel reassures him.

Chloe and Lucifer are looking in the woods for Belinda Roberts, whose prints were on Jed’s gate, when they come across a snake. Lucifer distracts the snake to Belinda’s anger. She was trying to record the snake’s mating sounds. She doesn’t want to talk about Jed and Lucifer turns his mojo on her: “I want him to pay.” She wants him to pay for an otter sounds recording Jed used and was trying to prove he stole her recordings by planting listening devices in his studio.

With the hope that the recording devices may have caught the killer, Chloe and Lucifer go back to the precinct and find Jed surrounded by fan gifts. Chloe wonders if one of Jed’s fans could be behind this. Jed doubts it but confirms some of them are a bit obsessed, leading the detective to check this possibility. Jed wants to leave and Lucifer invites him to his place to make sure he will not be staying at Chloe’s. Back at LUX, Lucifer informs Jed that Chloe is “spoken for.” Jed admits that he is not over her and that it was fate to see her again. Lucifer uses his power on Jed. “I wish I hadn’t screwed things up with Chloe.” He reveals Chloe dumped him. Lucifer is worried and wants to know everything so he won’t make the same mistake.

Ella and Chloe are talking about the case, and Chloe finds a threatening email from KarnalGirl506, which makes her a potential suspect. Ella encourages Chloe to go meet Lucifer and the detective, clearly disappointed, tells her that Lucifer cancelled to spend time with Jed. Back at Lucifer’s, Jed is talking about his relationship with Chloe and how it went downhill after they had sex, because Chloe likes a mystery. Lucifer starts the conversation smug but become increasingly troubled and ignores Chloe’s phone call.

Maze arrives at the precinct dressed exactly like Ella, because she decided to be more like her. Ella realizes that the beeping on the recording is from a hearing aid with low battery. When Dan arrives to Linda’s house, Amenadiel is alone with baby Charlie because he said to Linda, “it’s okay that [she] gets it wrong all the time.” While talking to Dan, he realizes how wrong he was to say that.

Rachael Harris, Lauren German, Lesley-Ann Brandt, and Aimee Garcia – Courtesy of Netflix

We go back to LUX where a rave is taking place, with Chloe, Maze, Ella, and Linda undercover. Chloe organized it to lure KarnalGirl506 out by announcing that Karnal will perform. The women split up to find a girl with an hearing aid. Linda wants to know where Lucifer is and Chloe deflects the question.

Lucifer pays a visit to Amenadiel and Dan, who are still trying to calm Charlie. Dan is surprised that Lucifer is not part of the undercover operation, but Lucifer doesn’t know anything about it because he is too busy being mysterious. Back to the rave, the girls are trying to find the crazy fan. Ella crushes on a bad boy and Maze tries to connect with a woman, but she doesn’t seem to be very interested in the conversation. Linda is getting more and more drunk and Chloe is still trying to contact Lucifer. Maze sees Ella kissing the bad boy and calls her out. The CSI remarks that Maze has been talking to only one person and didn’t check her section. She continues saying Maze shouldn’t try to be her, that she is not a role model. Maze retorts that trying to be as nice as Ella is the hardest thing she ever done and that “If all you think you deserve is some loser like that, maybe I should learn from someone else.” Maze leaves Ella looking pensively around the club.

Chloe tries to call Lucifer, who threw his phone through the window. She then calls Dan to find out if Jed is still secure. Lucifer refuses to talk to her and explains to Dan the “mystery” theory. When Jed is nowhere to be found, Lucifer realizes he has been played and goes after the DJ. Lucifer is so angry that he changes into his devil’s face, which has a calming effect on Charlie. Dan can’t find Jed. Amenadiel dissuades Lucifer to go after Jed, saying that he let Jed manipulate him. He also needs help with the baby.

To Chloe’s surprise, Jed is on stage at the club and dedicates a song to Cherry Jane. Ella and Maze start to look around nervously and Ella notices that a woman is acting strangely. Maze recognizes Karen but doesn’t think she is dangerous, and she doesn’t have an hearing aid. It seems like Karen is holding a gun and Maze neutralizes her when all Karen wanted to do is take a selfie. She confirms being Karnalgirl506 and is troubled when she sees a guy named Ron walking towards the stage. Ron points a gun at Jed and tells him to confess what he did. Jed admits to have slept with Karen but that he didn’t know she was married. Chloe tries to diffuse the situation and Ron confesses to the murder. Chloe relates to him, saying, “She disappeared on you. Completely ghosted you” and understands how he feels. Chloe is making a passionate speech, seemingly talking about Karen, but really it is about Lucifer. Jed flees while Ron is distracted and the murderer is neutralized and arrested by Chloe.

Jed and Chloe share a moment and Chloe admits that she and Lucifer are a complicated thing. Jed doesn’t believe her and reminds her of the speech. Pete comes to talk to Ella and she asks him if he wants to go out. She gives him her number. Maze comes to talk to Ella and seems to approve of Pete. Ella tells Maze that she will find someone and be happy. She says, “And I know when you finally show someone how amazing you are, you’re going to find your soulmate,” which makes Maze sad. “You can’t find a soulmate if you don’t have a soul.”

DB Woodside and Tom Ellis – Image Courtesy of Netflix

The baby is finally asleep when Dan comes to tell Lucifer and Amenadiel that the case is closed. Lucifer is furious at himself for not being there and doesn’t understand how he let Jed into his head. Amenadiel says he is jealous, which Lucifer denies. He tells the guys he is worried to mess it up before having a proper chance and asks Dan for advice. Dan tells him to just go talk to her. Charlie starts crying again and Dan wants to go to him, but Amenadiel and Lucifer send him back home to rest. As soon as he is out, Lucifer uses his devil’s face again, not knowing Dan saw everything because of the phone call he received from Michael impersonating Lucifer asking him to come back. Dan runs away while Michael is watching.

Chloe arrives at Lucifer’s, and they apologize to each other. Chloe tells him that they are not normal and that they are incredible. They start kissing. The phone rings, but Chloe ignores it, and they finally have sex.

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