Breeze Through the Circuits of Time in New ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music: Time Shred’ Game!

Courtesy of Orion Pictures


If you’re impatiently awaiting the arrival of Bill & Ted Face the Music in theaters and on demand this week, you’re in luck! Orion Pictures has revealed that after nearly 30 years, there’s a new Bill and Ted game! Available on PC and mobile devices, Bill & Ted Face the Music: Time Shred, an endless runner game developed by Division 13, will place players in the circuits of time where they will have to dodge anomalies and destroy obstacles with the most excellent riffs.

There are two modes in which players will get to choose from: “classic” with the original phone booth from the franchise or the more challenging “modern” mode with Kelly’s time machine from Bill & Ted Face the Music. Once downloaded, to play, use the right and left arrow keys to navigate the booth and use the space key to get an extra boost.

So what are you waiting for, dudes? Break out your most excellent moves and head on over to the time shred website to play!


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