Saturday, November 26, 2022

‘The New Mutants’ Release New Teasers, Posters, and More!

MOVIES'The New Mutants' Release New Teasers, Posters, and More!

With just 10 days left until the release of the highly anticipated X-Men spinoff, The New Mutants, 20th Century Studios has released a new teaser and featurettes along with new posters.

The first featurette is titled “Real or Fake?”, with the cast of the film revealing whether or not they think certain phobias are real or fake:

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The next video released is a teaser featuring new footage that shows off each character’s powers. We’ve previously only seen bits and pieces of what each of the new mutants can do, but this teaser shows a little more of Sam especially (along with more sass from Illyana):

Two new posters for the film were released as well, adding to the exclusive IMAX poster released last week. One is for Dolby Cinema, and the other is for Cinemark.

20th Century Studios also released a teaser called “Attitude,” where we see a lot more of Illyana’s powers in all their glory. The character is quickly becoming the face of the marketing campaign behind the film, especially as fans have rallied around her.

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Finally, a longer teaser was released titled “Meet Our New Mutants” that features the cast summarizing the film and introducing their characters in 60 seconds or less. It also contains new footage from the film and plays up the horror elements of the plot.

Tickets are on sale now for The New Mutants, which opens in theaters August 28. With different reopening schedules nationwide, Fandango has created a resource for audience members to find out which theaters near them are showing the film and what their safety precautions are, which you can check out here.

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