‘DC’s Stargirl’ Recap: The JSA and ISA Go Head-to-Head in Season 1, Episode 13 “Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Part Two”


It’s the season one finale of DC’s Stargirl! With the entire adult population of Blue Valley — including Pat, Justin, and Barbara — under the ISA’s control, it’s up to Courtney and the others to try to stop the Injustice Society once and for all. Will the JSA be able to stop the Injustice Society’s plan of a New America? Find out what happens in the season finale of DC’s Stargirl, “Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Part Two.”

After a giant satellite comes up from the ground on the Blue Valley High football field, it starts to take control of all the adults in the city. The city is at a standstill, every adult is staring up into space and a little girl is trying to get her dad’s attention, wondering what’s wrong and why he isn’t moving. Jordan is walking through and goes up to the little girl, telling her that her dad will be alright. What’s happening to her father and to all of them, they’re going to think differently when they wake up.

Back down in the tunnels, Pat, now in a trance and still in the robot, begins to fight Courtney, who tries to get him to wake up. In Barbara’s office, Beth can hear what’s going on and tells Courtney that her mom isn’t moving. Gambler comes in over the goggles, telling Beth that in less than 30 minutes, Brainwave’s reprogramming will be complete and permanent. Everyone under Brainwave’s spell will be part of their new society, New America. If they push back for too long, their entire nervous system will shut down. Courtney is still trying to get Pat’s attention. She tells him that ever since they came to Blue Valley he’s been there for her, every time she needed him. Meanwhile, Brainwave also has control over Justin and Yolanda and Rick remind him that he is the Shining Knight. Beth asks Chuck why Brainwave’s broadcast isn’t affecting the bad guys and Chuck theorizes they’re wearing a signal-blocking earpiece protecting them from the broadcast. Beth realizes she can hear her friends even though they’re in the tunnels. When she was under Cindy’s house, she couldn’t hear anyone. She asks Chuck if they can see if there’s some kind of signal blockers down in the tunnels. Chuck managed to locate several frequency blocking systems that are currently off. Beth figures if they turn the blockers back on, they could free Pat and Justin.

Gambler, however, comes over the goggles and Chuck says every time he breaks through one of his firewalls, he puts another one up. Beth thinks if the Gambler is so focused on keeping them out, maybe they can divert his attention elsewhere. Chuck targets something else that Gambler cares about more than anything, his money. Gambler tries to get them to stop and with him occupied, Chuck was able to access the frequency blockers in the tunnels. Dr. Ito, who has been watching over monitors, notices that something is wrong. Pat is successfully disconnected from Brainwave’s control and tells Courtney he heard her, every word.

Yvette Monreal, Brec Bassinger, Mark Ashworth and Cameron Gellman in DC’s Stargirl. Image courtesy of The CW.

Justin is also back to normal, bringing out his sword, free to slay the dragon. Barbara is still under Brainwave’s control and if they don’t destroy that machine, she and millions more could die. Gambler tells Jordan about the Justice Society and Jordon says they’ll take care of them, once and for all. Rick vows he’s going after Grundy after they take out the machine. He knows if he does, that that thing won’t hurt anyone else. Yolanda tells him that killing is bad, God says. “Then God shouldn’t let bad things happen. Like my parents being thrown into a tree.” Rick leaves, telling Yolanda to not try and stop him.

Yolanda, Rick and Justin get to the ISA lair, as do Courtney and Pat, but it’s empty. Jordan, Dr. Ito, Sportsmaster and Tigress show up before they’re able to find the machine. The JSA and ISA start going at each other and Gambler brings in reinforcements. Just as Dr. Ito is about to kill Justin, Cindy stabs her dad, telling him he shouldn’t have locked her up. Pat is about to finish Sportsmaster when he gets punched from behind and it turns out to be Grundy. Rick goes after him but gets knocked away. Pat tells Courtney to get to the machine, he’s got Grundy and he’ll protect Rick. Courtney and Yolanda are about to get to the machine when Cindy takes down Courtney and she tells Yolanda to go. Brainwave is still controlling everyone and he tells Gambler to loop his signal for the next five minutes. He’s going to help kill these children.

Neil Hopkins, Neil Jackson, Nelson Lee and Joy Osmanski in DC’s Stargirl. Image courtesy of The CW.

Courtney and Cindy start fighting and Gambler tells Jordan that Brainwave left the machine. He says to find Beth and her goggles before she takes control of their whole system. It won’t matter what happens down there if she gets in. Yolanda takes care of Dr. Ito’s soldiers except for one more. But the person under the mask tells her to wait and reveals himself to be Henry. Henry tells Yolanda they have to get out of there, his dad is coming. The cave-in didn’t kill him, his dad didn’t either. Henry’s been hiding, wearing those clothes for days, pretending to be one of them. He tells Yolanda he knows where his dad is and how they can stop him. Henry says she’s all he’s been thinking about, all this time. He asks Yolanda where her friends are and she uses his claws on him. “They were Henry’s friends, too.” Henry turns out to be Brainwave and Yolanda tells him she watched Henry die. And now she’s going to watch him die.

Pat is still fighting Grundy, who takes apart the S.T.R.I.P..E suit, leaving Pat exposed, but Rick shows up just in time. Meanwhile, Courtney and Cindy are still fighting and Courtney blasts her with the staff. Courtney finds Yolanda standing next to a dead Brainwave. Yolanda knows it’s wrong, but she killed him. The two find the machine, the giant satellite. Courtney uses the staff to blow up the machine and she does so successfully, running out with Yolanda as the machine comes down. Adults all over the city are back to normal, including the dad from the beginning, who is now hugging his daughter and telling her he loves her. Barbara is also back to normal but Jordan comes in, telling Beth she has no idea what she’s done. Jordan freezes the goggles and when Beth takes them off, they fall to the ground and shatter. Beth runs towards Jordan but he blasts her with ice, knocking her down to the ground and Jordan takes Barbara. Rick is in the middle of taking down Grundy and Pat tells him that Barbara’s in trouble. Rick’s got five minutes left and he’s going to use it on Grundy.

Cameron Gellman in DC’s Stargirl. Image courtesy of The CW.

Courtney and Yolanda find Beth in Barbara’s office and Beth is still mourning Chuck. Courtney asks Beth where her mom is and Jordan is on top of the clock tower with Barbara. He tells her he wants to show her something so she’ll understand. He shows Barbara the town, telling her the town was dying and they brought it back better than it was. He wants to help people. “Tell that to Joey Zarick and his parents. And to Henry King.” Half a million people die from cancer every year and Jordan says it would take half a million lives right now, but he could cure cancer, forever. Jordan’s wife died because of greed and politics but he could change that, he can still save America. And Barbara can help and Courtney could. Jordan says he can protect her from the others, he can keep her safe and they can go somewhere. They can start again. Barbara tells Jordan his wife would be horrified to see the person he’s become. Jordan says he will succeed and he will kill her daughter and her husband for all that they’ve done. He wants her to think about that on the way down and is about to push Barbara off the edge but Pat interrupts him. He doesn’t have powers or S.T.R.I.P.E., but he’s there to protect his wife, with their daughter. Courtney comes in and knocks down Jordan, while Rick takes down Grundy, but soon all Grundy does is moan. Rick wants him to fight back and throws the rock to the side instead of at Grundy. He tells Grundy to get out of there and never come back and Grundy leaves.

Courtney fights Jordan, now fully Icicle, who tells Courtney he won’t let her stop him. Courtney tells Icicle he can never save America, he’s filled with too much hate. The energy from the staff, plus Courtney and Icicle, explodes, throwing back Courtney and Icicle and throws Barbara over. Pat catches her and Yolanda catches Courtney just before she hits the ground. Pat safely brings Barbara back over and just as Icicle is about to hit Courtney and Yolanda with another blast, a car, driven by Mike, crashes into him. “Does this mean I get to be in the JSA?” Courtney, Yolanda, Beth and Rick hug and then Courtney hugs Mike.

Yvette Monreal in DC’s Stargirl. Image courtesy of The CW.

Courtney, Rick, Beth, and Yolanda are at the Blue Valley High football field, looking like nothing ever happened. Beth is holding a box with the broken goggles and Courtney assures her that somehow they’ll fix them. But Beth tells her that it’s not them, it’s him. It’s Chuck. Rick tells her that they’ll get him up and running. Not too far away, Pat, Mike, and Barbara are saying goodbye to Justin. He came to Blue Valley to slay that dragon but he didn’t do it, he did nothing. Pat tells him he helped them figure out what was going on there, and he helped them stop the Injustice Society. Justin tells Pat that Starman would be so proud of him. The others come up to them and Justin says he’s going to find his horse and any other soldiers. He thanks everyone, until the next battle, and drives off.

Cindy is gong through boxes upon boxes at the office, trying to look for something. Until she finally finds it, a diamond of some sort. “I see you in there. Eclipso.”

Six weeks later it’s officially the Christmas season and everyone is gathered at the Dugan-Whitmore household, all in the holiday mood. Courtney gives Pat a present, something she’s been wanting to give to him for a long time – a “World’s Greatest Dad” mug. Later, Courtney hangs up the family photo that was taken and she hears a tap on her window. It’s the staff and they fly off together, flying all around the city and ending up at the water tower. Courtney sits down and looks out over the thousands of trees around her, Pat in his S.T.R.I.P.E. suit sitting down next to her. They fly off again, having nothing to worry about.

In North Hollywood, a guy gets out of a blue car and walks into an apartment building. He knocks on the manager’s door, saying he’s looking for Pat. The manager tells him he doesn’t live there. He moved. The guy tells the manager he’s an old friend. “Name’s Sylvester Pemberton.”

All 13 episodes of season one of DC’s Stargirl are available to stream for free on The CW app, with season two expected to air sometime in 2021 only on The CW.

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