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Review: Jamie Scott’s New Album ‘How Still The River’ Is a Breath of Fresh Air

MUSICReview: Jamie Scott's New Album 'How Still The River' Is a Breath...

Jamie Scott is an incredible singer and songwriter, and chances are you have probably heard a song or two with his name attached. A long time collaborator with One Direction, he’s written some of their biggest songs, including “Story of My Life,” “You & I,” and “Midnight Memories”  just to name a few. Co-writing their album Made in the A.M is part of Jamie Scott’s songwriting cred, too. Even Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson have a few songs co-written by Scott through their solo endeavors! As if songwriting for artists like Ellie Goulding, Keith Urban, and Christina Perri wasn’t enough, Jamie Scott is also a talented singer in his own right.

Image Courtesy of Jamie Scott and Sonnet Music

Jamie Scott’s newest studio album How Still The River is impressive to say the least. Each song feels incredibly honest and from the heart. It is an album you can close your eyes as you listen to it, completely getting lost in the music. Somehow, there is even a cohesive flow to the album, whether you are listening to it in order or on shuffle.

How Still The River begins with incredibly good vibes as the peaceful tone of Jamie’s voice mixed with the mellow piano tones of “This Time Lucky” lift into a high-spirited track. Tracks like “New York Nights,” “Friendly Fire,” and “Bottle of Pills” keep that vibe going with upbeat, sing-a-long songs. Speaking of “Friendly Fire,” the song is quite the shining star and will be one you will want to turn the volume up on.

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Songs like “Emily” and “While the Band Keeps Playing On” feel like throwbacks to past decades in the absolute best way, with harmonies and melodies that you will want to listen to over and over again. There is a melancholy feel to “I Never Want To Hurt Again Like This,” but with a jazzy, R&B twist. The lyrics of the song are raw and earnest. Likewise, “Song for a Friend” feels like a heartfelt letter set to music. If you really want to hear Jamie’s voice shine, his take on “Fool’s Gold” (previously recorded by One Direction on their album FOUR) is the perfect choice. His voice stands out in this stripped down track.

As the album ends with “I Was There,” an upbeat instrumental track, you will be ready to play How Still The River again (and again). Visually, the album feels like a road trip along back roads, with the windows rolled down, and not a care in the world. Like time stands still, even if for a moment. Maybe, just maybe, this is exactly the album 2020 needs right now.

Jamie Scott’s How Still the River is available now! You can find the album on iTunes, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

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