Monday, March 27, 2023

‘The Hillywood Show’ Releases Gag Reel for ‘The Umbrella Academy Parody’

TELEVISIONNETFLIX'The Hillywood Show' Releases Gag Reel for 'The Umbrella Academy Parody'

Back in November 2019, The Hillywood Show released a parody for the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy. Now, they’ve released a gag reel to go along with the parody. And perfect timing with the recent release of season two of The Umbrella Academy.

The gag reel provides over 20 minutes of non-stop goofs of the cast breaking character, forgetting lines, and other set malfunctions. If you’re a fan of laughter (I mean, who isn’t) and especially The Umbrella Academy, this is the video for you.

The Hillywood Show won the hearts of fans across fandoms with their hilarious parodies, including SupernaturalStranger Things, and more! You can find their videos on YouTube, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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Watch the gag reel below!

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