Saturday, April 1, 2023

Hear More About A Starting Point With Founders Chris Evans & Mark Kassen on ‘Seth Off-Air’ Podcast

CELEBRITIESHear More About A Starting Point With Founders Chris Evans & Mark...

Last week, Chris Evans went onto Late Night with Seth Meyers to give the lowdown on his new civic engagement site, A Starting Point. Meyers asked him some of the nitty gritty questions that most people are wondering about — why did he start it? What’s the goal? How did they get the ball rolling? Complete with a few puns, Evans delved into his hopes and aspirations of the site, along with how it all began on the show that night. But Meyers had a few more questions, so both founders of the site, Chris Evans and Mark Kassen, headed to the Late Night with Seth Meyer‘s podcast, Seth Off-Air.

Mark Kassen details the push back they received trying to get politicians onboard, why this was so important to execute properly, and how Evans’ star power affected the project (a “present but invisible” approach).

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You can listen to Seth Off-Air with Chris Evans and Mark Kassen below.

 Haven’t checked out A Starting Point yet? Check out what we think about the site here.

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