Nyle DiMarco Will Executive Produce Film Based On ‘Deaf President Now!’


Nyle DiMarco has been busy lately! The multi-hyphenate star has recently announced several projects including a television series he will star in and two documentaries. Now, The Hollywood Reporter has learned that DiMarco will executive produce a drama film based on the nonfiction book Deaf President Now! The 1988 Revolution at Gallaudet University by John B. Christiansen and Sharon N. Barnartt. The book follows the true story of how Gallaudet University students in the 1980s protested the installation of a hearing president, leading to the appointment of the first Deaf president of Gallaudet. In a statement, DiMarco said

Learning about the Deaf President Now movement as a young Deaf boy, I was in awe of how Deaf people like me were able to make such a powerful impact on the world. It was, and still is, such a monumental event in the history of Deaf people and the disability community, helping pave the way towards the Americans with Disabilities Act and more. I’m beyond thrilled to bring this story to the big screen and I’m honored to do it with a world class team that believes in telling stories in an authentic way — in this case, a Deaf story told by Deaf people.

This is the second project of DiMarco’s to focus on the famous Deaf university, with his docuseries Deaf U premiering on Netflix on October 8. You can read more about DiMarco in our Pride Month Spotlight!

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