5 Shocking Moments in ‘Mayans M.C.’ So Far

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Hey, Prospects! While we are anxiously awaiting news about season three’s filming and return schedule, let’s look back at some of the shocking moments from Mayans M.C.’s current seasons. But first, for those unfamiliar with the series (seriously, watch it after reading this), here is a little bit about the series.

Mayans M.C. takes place around four years after the Sons of Anarchy finale and is set in the fictional town of Santo Padre on the California/Mexico border. It is a crime drama series on FX created by Kurt Sutter and Elgin James. If the name of this motorcycle club sounds familiar, it was also in Sutter’s other series Sons of Anarchy. This series focuses on the Santo Padre chapter of the club, and the Reyes family of EZ, Angel, and Felipe, although there are some familiar faces from Charming.

So, without further ado, here are five shocking moments from Mayans M.C so far, in no particular order.

Happy (David Labrava) killed EZ and Angel’s mom.

At the end of season one, EZ sees Happy over by a van having a beer, and we are taken to another flashback. We see a teenaged EZ running after the guy who killed his mom. He is shooting at the figure when there is a sound behind him, and EZ shoots, killing an officer. As he is being pressed up against a fence and being arrested, he gets a good look at the guy’s face. It is Happy’s face! This is EZ’s obsession. He wants to find his mother’s killer. During season two, more is learned about their mother’s death, the reason behind it, and Happy’s involvement. But, there is no happy ending.

EZ (JD Pardo) kills Galindo’s mom.

Dita (Ada Maris) took responsibility for ordering the hit on Angel and EZ’s mom. She was still so in love with their father, Felipe (Edward James Olmos), she was devastated that he left her. Dita finally told Felipe when they met on the roof again when she snuck off instead of going to therapy dealing with what happened to her in the fires. After they fled Mexico to California, Felipe thought that they would be safe, but Dita saw them one night, and her anger for him leaving her took over. She knew that she survived the fire because Ignacio (Felipe’s real name) was meant to take her life. Ditching her protective detail, she was a pro at that point. She meets up with the Reyes men in the desert to meet her death. Dita tells them that she left a suicide note on her nightstand and knew that Felipe could not take her life; that is why she also called his sons. As Angel walks his father away, EZ wraps his hands around Dita’s throat and kills her, then he and Angel set her body on fire. Will the Reyes men get away with it? Or will Galindo find out?

Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) walks away from the Mayans to work for Galindo.

“Sit down. I need to talk to you.” I still cannot believe that El Padrino willingly left the Mayans. It was done in a very theatric ending to his legacy. Alvarez sat alone at the head of the table, putting out his smoke, getting up taking off his kutte, and placing over the chair before walking out of the room and getting his travel bag leaving without saying anything. I never once thought that when Galindo opens his door, that Alvarez would be on the other side of it taking a job with them. A part of me still believes that this is a plan, and it only looks like he left the MC. I hope his loyalties still lie with the MC.

When Taza (Raoul Max Trujillo) killed Riz (Antonio Jaramillo).

After a meeting, the Vatos Malditos (VM), Mayans, and Sons had to talk about a deal and territory all seemed to be settled. But looks can be deceiving. The Vatos Malditos attacked the Mayans and seriously injured Coco (Richard Cabral) and Riz. Coco caught on fire, and the injuries to his face resulted in possible vision loss in his eye, which is not good for the sniper. Unfortunately, Riz was shot multiple times, placing him in a coma and breathing from a tube. In a meeting with the Kings, they discuss going after the VM in retaliation and war. Obviously, the Santo Padre chapter is for it since it was their brothers that got hurt. But, because Riz survived, the Kings decided in no retaliation. Taza and Creeper (Joseph Raymond Lucero) are sitting vigil at the hospital. Creeper goes out for some air when suddenly Taza looks defeated and leans down to kiss Riz on the forehead, saying, “I love you brother, forgive me.” Taza then proceeds to kill Riz so that the Mayans can get their retaliation.

Mayans accidentally kill a Son in the season two finale.

The second season ended in a blood bath as the MC went after the Vatos Malditos in retaliation at a family member’s 90th birthday party. The party was at the VM president’s home. The Mayans rode to the house and opened fire, killing everyone inside except the VM president and his grandmother, who escaped the carnage. I have a feeling that this rivalry is just beginning and will be a bloody war. When the MC was going through the house to check if there were any survivors, you hear EZ call them to the kitchen where there is an issue. The camera then pans over the kitchen, and you can clearly see that one of the bodies has a Sons of Anarchy kutte on, but who is it?

There you have it. Those were only a few of the moments that had fans on the edge of their seats.

The thing about Kurt Sutter and the way he writes to tell a story is that even the violence and twist and turns serve a purpose or has some symbolism. Every action will have a consequence. When looking at Sons of Anarchy, it was loosely based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Those seven seasons had plenty of “wtf” moments, he still gets trouble for killing off Ryan Hurst’s character, Opie, from season five. I cannot help but wonder if that has been done in this series since Santo Padre translates to Holy Father. Unfortunately, during the second season, Sutter was fired from FX and the series not to be returning when the third season begins. But it will see James take the reins. I am curious to see where he takes it.

The series stars JD Pardo, Clayton Cardenas, Edward James Olmos, Sarah Bolger, Michael Irby, Carla Baratta, Antonio Jaramillo, Raoul Max Trujillo, Richard Cabral, Danny Pino, Emilio Rivera, Frankie Loyal, Joseph Lucero, Vincent Rocco Vargas, Maurice Compte, Gino Vento, Tony Plana, Michael Ornstein, and Ada Maris. I can’t wait to find out who we will see and be introduced to next season.

What has been your favorite shocking moment so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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