James Roday Rodriguez and Todd Harthan Creating ‘Good Serial’

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Courtesy of 20th Century Fox TV

Deadline broke the news that James Roday Rodriguez and Todd Harthan will be once again working together on a new project. If you have taken a look at some of their past partnerships, you will see the duo often defy sticking to one genre. Comedy and horror often twist their way into the themes, such as GravySkinwalkers, and the few episodes of Psych they have worked on together. Good Serial, being created for 20th Century Fox TV, will continue on that creative streak as a dark comedy. Deadline describes the series:

Written by Roday Rodriguez and Harthan, ‘Good Serial’ is centered on a trio of roommates, bonded by tragedy, who become vigilantes serving cold dishes of revenge in the spirit of Dexter and Three’s Company.

If anyone can make a show that is a mash-up of Dexter and Three’s Company and make it work, it will be James Roday Rodriguez and Todd Harthan! As you wait for more news on Good Serial, be sure to check out their other works. Currently, Todd Harthan is showrunner of The Resident, which James Roday Rodriguez has directed three episodes in the first season. Rodriguez is also starring in A Million Little Things, as well as the new movie for Peacock, Psych 2Lassie Come Home.

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