Ew, David! Vote Now to Support ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Rosebud Motel LEGO Set

Courtesy of Mark Fitzpatrick.


Amateur Australian LEGO designer Mark Fitzpatrick is back at it again with another amazing submission for the LEGO ideas program. Known for his epic RuPaul’s Drag Race LEGO model, Fitzpatrick has used his free time during the COVID-19 lockdown to put together his latest creation, which is a tribute to the beloved comedy series Schitt’s Creek.

The LEGO ideas program is a place where creators can share their unique LEGO creations and ideas, enter prize competitions, and showcase their proposals for new LEGO Ideas sets. Once a fan designer follows all of the required steps to submit their model idea, the next phase is public sharing and engagement. When a submission reaches 10,000 support votes, it will progress to an official expert LEGO product review, which is required before it can potentially be considered for production.

When asked about his decision to design a model around Schitt’s Creek, Fitzpatrick said, “Schitt’s Creek is positive, inclusive, and the show’s loveable, oddball characters are ultimately kind-hearted, creative and inclusive. I think these are attributes that marry well with LEGO’s outlook.” He also added, “I think a LEGO set based on this globally-loved comedy would make good commercial sense for LEGO while providing hours of building and play fun for fans of all ages.”

Fitzpatrick’s Schitt’s Creek LEGO set will feature the Rosebud Motel’s office, two very familiar guest rooms, and an outdoor area. It will also include the Rose family (Moira, Johnny, David, and Alexis), as well as Stevie Budd and Patrick Brewer. Supporters can look forward to the reveal of addition characters once voting milestones are reached!

Check out the images of Fitzpatrick’s incredible design below — he even included Moira’s wig wall!

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If you love this design just as much as we do, you can go here to contribute your vote of support to help make it a reality!


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