Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Brie Larson Joins YouTube, Continues to Be Delightful

So we all have that hobby we picked up during quarantine — for most of us it’s probably knitting, making bread, or learning a new language, for people like Brie Larson it has been all about Animal Crossing, Pokémon and becoming a better ally to marginalized groups.

Today, Marvel superstar and Academy Award Winner Larson announced that she will be joining YouTube — by posting a 20-minute long video. She explained that the platform was something that has helped her learn about many things, from using her printer to learning more about considerate activism. Larson explained further that while she wanted to make content that will help people further explore topics like anti-racism or political justice, her channel will also be a place for fun content and her personal space to share more of herself and what moves her.

For her first video, she had the help of some prominent YouTubers like iJustine, ASAPScience, LaurDIY, Kelly Stamps and Lilly Singh, whom — according to Larson — were the type of creators she looks up to and whose content resonates with her. We can’t wait for some pure, educational, and fun content from Captain Marvel herself! Check out her first video below:

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