YouTube Spotlight: Let’s Sing a Song with Peter Hollens

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Image courtesy of Peter Hollens on YouTube

For this month’s YouTube spotlight I want to showcase and highlight a capella singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, and educator Peter Hollens.

Hollens went to the University of Oregon, where he became the founder of the first ever a capella group in the University’s history. Later, the a capella group went on to be showcased on the television show The Sing-Off, where they were eliminated sixth out of the ten groups competing.

Hollens began his YouTube career in 2011 and has since grown his community (or as he likes to call them the #HollensFamily) to over 2.53 million subscribers with more than 500,000,000 views. Over the course of his channel, he has collaborated with artists such as Brian Wilson, Jason Mraz, Hunter Hayes, Lindsey Sterling, and George Watsky, just to name a few. Hollens releases content every other week, his videos range anywhere from Disney to pop songs, and even Broadway!

Hollens’ vocals truly define what a capella is all about and his singing abilities are to die for. Any one of his fans will tell you that his singing is truly a gift. With the success of his YouTube channel, he has also released 11 albums of his own creation. You can check them out and order your own copies at his official store website.

Check out some of his most popular videos below:

One of the communities that fans can show support for Hollens is on Patreon. Patreon is a community platform where fans can go to support their favorite creators. So far, he has received support from over 4,000 Patrons. With their support, Hollens has been able to create meaningful content and give back to those who have supported him throughout the years.

Alongside gracing fans and Patrons with his wonderful singing content, Hollens is also the creator and instructor of Creator Education. Creator Education is a fantastic platform for musicians and content creators who want help in creating their personal brand, build an online community, and start striving to achieve their professional goals.

Is there anything that Peter hasn’t done yet? If you want to hear more from Peter Hollens make sure you check out his YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

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