Simon & Schuster Announces ‘Tasting History’ Cookbook

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If you spend any amount of time on YouTube you have most likely come across Max Miller and his extremely popular YouTube show Tasting History where every episode he makes some of the most unique dishes ever created. This week Simon & Schuster’s Tiller Press announced a new upcoming historical cookbook by Miller based on his popular YouTube show. This latest cookbook is still untitled but is set to be published in 2022. The new cookbook will showcase some of the show’s most popular and unusual ancient recipes.

On Tasting History, Miller attempts recipes from the Renaissance and Medieval Eras. Miller also makes recipes from Ancient Roman and Greek eras as well as other international traditional food. Tasting History has grown incredibly popular since it started February of 2020 earning over 570K subscribers and 23 Millions channel views. New episodes are uploaded weekly on every Tuesday making it a great beginning to your week. Fans also are often able to see Millers two cats Cersei and Jaime. The show’s popularity has exploded since the channel’s inception in February 2020.

Anja Schmidt, who is Executive Editor says this:

“Here at Tiller Press, we love to discover emerging voices. Max’s voice has exploded with his ‘Tasting History’ show and we are thrilled to translate that voice to the written page, complete with his recreated recipes and the history behind each one.”

As this week is one-year anniversary of Tasting History, Miller will celebrate with a unique episode that will show off the history behind Cockentrice, a medieval dish which the upper body of a pig connected to the bottom half of a capon. You can check out the full episode on Millers YouTube channel and below.

Stay tuned for more Tasting History cookbook news! you can find Miller on his Instagram.

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