Watch: New Behind The Scenes Videos from ‘The King of Staten Island’ with Pete Davidson and More!

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The King of Staten Island has received a glowing reception from audiences and critics alike after being released on-demand this month. Now, Universal is giving fans even more behind the scenes content from the making of the movie in a new series of featurettes. Judd Apatow and Pete Davidson discuss the real life inspirations behind the characters, why they cast certain actors in supporting roles, and more.

The first video, “HBO First Look,” aired before the film’s release and takes an in depth look at the film’s production and what it meant to Davidson.

The second, “Heroes Are Necessary,” takes a look at one of the major themes in the film as Davidson and Apatow talk about how Davidson’s relationship with his firefighter father inspired the journey his character goes on in the film. Davidson also discusses how making The King of Staten Island caused him to change the way he thought about his father.

The next video, “Pete’s Poppy,” is an endearing and humorous look at what happened when Davidson’s real life grandfather Poppy appeared in a cameo role in the film.

Finally, “Friends of Pete” shows how many of the actors featured in the film playing Davidson’s character Scott’s friends are Davidson’s actual friends. Apatow discusses how those connections made their on-screen relationships deeper, especially considering how personal The King of Staten Island is for Davidson.

The King of Staten Island is available now on-demand. You can read our review of the film here!

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