Looking Back on the Top 6 Moments from Season 2 of ‘9-1-1’


FOX’s 9-1-1 is a procedural television series full of action, nail-biting drama, heartfelt moments, and just enough comedy peppered in to make you laugh through the tears. The show follows the high-pressure experiences of a group of first responders, with a heavy focus on Station 118 of the Los Angeles Fire Department, along with what goes in on their personal lives when they’re off the clock.

With three seasons, 46 episodes, and even a spin-off series under its belt thus far, 9-1-1 has had a wealth of incredible plot lines that have made us yell, laugh, cry, celebrate, and sigh in relief, be it the multi-episode disasters or the quietest moments that pack the biggest punches.

As it looks like the wait for the highly anticipated fourth season will be a long one, with an expected release in 2021, we’ve taken this downtime to reflect on some of our favorite moments from 9-1-1. Today, we’ll be taking a look back the most memorable events from season 2.

Buck, Eddie, and the Live Ammo Extraction (Episode 1, “Under Pressure”)

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Nothing like being put on the spot in an incredibly stressful and dangerous situation, tasked with extracting live ammo from a patient that’s about to bleed out, to force two rivals to become friends. Eddie Diaz made his first appearance on the show in this episode, and the animosity between he and Buck was palpable, as Buck felt very threatened and intimidated by him at first (“What do we need him for?”). Bobby then purposely put Buck and Eddie on duty to take care of the grenade victim, and the two of them were forced to work together as a team to carefully perform the ammo extraction and avoid blowing the patient, themselves, and the ambulance up in the process (the ambulance wasn’t so lucky in the end, whoops.) Afterward, once they made it out successfully unscathed, they were able to move past their initial hostility. This experience really helped them begin to form a strong bond, and they went on to become a dynamic duo out on the field (and best friends off the clock, as well).

The Earthquake (Episode 2, “7.1” and Episode 3, “Help Is Not Coming”)

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The second season began with a massive 7.1 earthquake hitting Los Angeles and fans were kept on the edge of their seats for the duration of multiple episodes. While the 118 tried to rescue victims from a crumbling high-rise hotel both above and below ground and through rubble, Athena dealt with the wreckage from a collapsed overpass. Maddie, who had just come to L.A. and started her career as a dispatcher, faced her first big crisis that included helping a pregnant couple safely deliver their baby. Season 2 opened with a bang with this story arc, where every action-filled second mattered, and it did not disappoint.

Bobby Proposes to Athena (Episode 10, “Merry Ex-Mas”)

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After Athena asked Bobby to move in, and Bobby didn’t quite give her the answer she was expecting, their relationship seemed a bit bumpy and audiences were left wondering if they would make it out of the holidays intact. Fast forward to the end of this Christmas-filled episode, and Bobby was rushing to Athena’s home on Christmas Eve with an alternative to her move-in question. He gifted her a box with a key keychain in it and then dropped down on his knee and asked her to marry him. Bobby’s proposal almost seemed to frighten her, but he was quick to explain why he wanted to marry her, and Athena was soon smiling and said yes. This tied up the end of the first half of Season 2, in Bobby’s words, with a “Christmas miracle!”

Maddie Defeats Doug (Episode 13, “Fight or Flight”)

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Throughout the season, we learned a little bit about Maddie and her past relationship with husband, Doug. He was not a good guy considering the abuse he put Maddie through, both emotionally and physically. This point was proven even further when he pretended to be someone else and started hanging out with Chimney in order to get to Maddie, and then eventually stabbed Chimney multiple times and kidnapped Maddie. When they eventually reached the cabin, Maddie found her chance to escape, running away from Doug into a forest. Doug caught up to her and started beating her up but Maddie fought back, hard. In self-defense, Maddie killed Doug, and relief washed over her. This was a powerful episode that left viewers both worried and relieved throughout. The moment doesn’t leave Maddie, though, and it haunts her even in the following season. Yet she does finally find closure later on, and she acknowledges that she’s found “the one” in Chimney.

The Ladder Truck Explosion (Episode 18, “This Life We Choose”)

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As if the ladder truck exploding in the season finale wasn’t enough to make viewers jump out of their seats, it was downright heart-stopping when the camera panned to show that Buck was pinned under the huge vehicle. The minutes that followed felt like hours, as rescue crews were prevented from rescuing Buck because the bomber was still on-site, patiently waiting for Bobby to come and settle a years-old score. Bobby, ever the hero (and even despite his current suspension as Captain due to the ongoing investigation), took charge and managed to avert disaster with his wit and quick thinking. Once the scene was safe, crews were able to rush onto the scene to save Buck. However, problems arose when it became abundantly clear that even a team of firefighters was no match for the massive weight of a ladder truck. Luck was on Buck’s side that evening though, because the next scene was one of the most powerful and unforgettable of the series thus far, in which the entire crowd surged forward and managed to lift the truck just enough for the young firefighter to be pulled free. Oliver Stark also deserves all the kudos for his acting in this scene, as he truly didn’t hold back from expressing the absolute agony that Buck was in.

Eddie’s ‘End of Probation’ Ceremony (Episode 18, “This Life We Choose”)

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*Cue the waterworks* This scene was one of the final chapters of season 2, and it was absolutely worth the wait. After a year-long probationary period, Eddie Diaz officially became a full-fledged firefighter for Station 118. Following Eddie’s emotional roller coaster in the last episode and a half, being able to witness such a surreal moment for this character is what makes it a top moment. On top of Christopher, Eddie’s son, being the one who presented his helmet to Eddie, the audience also was able to see Eddie’s family being supportive of his decision to stay in Los Angeles with Christopher, as well as the rest of the team and their family members being just that, a family. As Athena’s voiceover cuts in, “We choose each other. We choose friendship and family … ,” we truly see how deep the family lines run for the 118.

Honorable Mentions:

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  • Buck introduces Eddie to Carla to get assistance for Christopher (Episode 4, “Stuck)
  • The 118 and the brownie debacle (Episode 6, “Dosed)
  • Hen lets go of her estranged father in the hospital (Episode 7, “Haunted”)
  • The 118 vs a rogue highway tiger shark (Episode 11, “New Beginnings”)
  • The interrogation and final breakdown of Episode 15 “Ocean’s 9-1-1” (and Buck’s *very* endearing confusion)

Stay tuned for our next article as we look back on the top moments from season 3 of 9-1-1! And in case you missed it, take a look at our top moments from season 1 here.

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