Recap: “What Happens in Willacoochee…” Stays in Willacoochee in ‘Love, Victor’ Episode 7

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If Victor didn’t think he had feelings for Benji, he certainly knows now as he and Benji go on a road trip for work that doesn’t entirely go as planned. Back home, Mia has to endure a fundraiser hosted by her father, Pilar and Felix try to avoid social media, and Isabel makes a big decision. Read on to find out what happens in “What Happens in Willacoochee…”

Simon sends Victor a DM asking how his night with Mia went. Victor tells him nothing happened. He isn’t sure why it even matters, because everything else with Mia is perfect, and he wants to keep being “normal.” He finds Mia and apologizes, but neither make a big fuss about it. She asks Victor to come to a fundraiser at her house later. Victor is (somehow both genuinely and sarcastically) thrilled by the invitation and says he’ll be there.

Felix meets up with Victor, practically bursting at the seams to tell him about Lake. Just as he’s about to tell, Victor beats him to the punch, telling Felix he saw them at Mia’s. Felix then spots Lake and goes to talk to her, asking about her plans. Before he can get too far, she drags him into a janitor’s supply closet. He thinks they’re about to make out again, but Lake tells him that what happened at Mia’s can’t happen again and leaves.

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At the Salazar’s, Pilar sits on the couch sighing at her phone while Isabel sits at the kitchen table. Isabel asks Pilar what’s wrong, and Pilar mentions that all her friends in Texas are attending a Billie Eilish concert while she’s in Georgia. Armando emerges as Pilar heads to her room, long-lost hair dryer in hand. He tells Isabel he found it in Adrian’s room, who uses it to warm up his pajamas. (Adrian sounds like he’s on to something.) While looking through bills, Isabel brings their recent higher expenses, offering to return to teaching piano lessons. Armando responds with an immediate no, covering by telling her she doesn’t need to worry about working because everything is going well for him at work. Enter a shivering Adrian, looking for the hair dryer to warm up his cold PJs.

Victor arrives at work to a broken espresso machine Benji is messing with and a flustered manager (Sarah). Sarah says her and Benji need to go to Willacoochee to get the machine repaired, but Benji quickly suggests taking Victor instead, not wanting to take another road trip with Sarah. Victor worries he won’t be able to make it back in time for the fundraiser, but Benji says if they leave soon he will. The only condition is that Victor has to drive, because Benji doesn’t have his license.

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Mia is on the phone with Victor, who just told her he might be a little late to the event. She hangs up and her father (Harold) and Veronica say they’re both excited to meet him. Veronica tells Mia about the time her first boyfriend met her parents, trying to connect with Mia a little. Mia half-heartedly tells her it’s a great story and walks away. Veronica turns to Harold, convinced Mia doesn’t like her.

Felix goes to Victor’s apartment and Pilar answers the door. She tells Felix that Victor isn’t home and tries to shut him out. Felix says he needs advice about Lake and Pilar (reluctantly) lets him in. He explains how he wants what happened with Lake to happen again, bringing up her Instagram. Pilar questions why he’s so focused on Lake’s account, eventually admitting she also keeps a close eye on her Texas friends’ accounts. This prompts Felix to note the addictive qualities of social media, accepting the reality. Pilar, however, suggests they go cold turkey for the day. She summons Adrian, who takes their phones for safe keeping.

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Benji and Victor are on the road. Benji talks about how he and his father would road trip to Dollywood. Victor is surprised, but Benji says Dolly Parton is “timeless,” and that “she is one of the few things gay sons and straight dads actually agree on.” Victor asks Benji if he’s still close to his dad since coming out. They aren’t especially distant, but Benji says it’s not the same as it was before he came out. Derek calls, breaking the moment, but Benji screens it, not wanting to make Victor listen to them talk the whole trip.

Back in Atlanta, Isabel and Adrian are making a video to help promote Isabel’s piano lessons, which she’s decided to pursue despite what Armando said. He walks in while they film. When they’re done, Adrian leaves, and Isabel assures Armando she’s teaching because she wants to, not out of necessity. Armando reveals he’s nervous about it because that’s how she and Roger ended up becoming close. He tells her he’d rather her do anything else besides teach piano because he’s still struggling to trust her again.

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Pilar and Felix sit in Pilar’s room staring aimlessly around, unsure of what to do without their phones. They try talking to each other, but both end up obsessing over their respective Instagrams again. Pilar says she just misses hanging out with her friends. A few moments pass and she asks Felix if he’d like to get coffee.

Victor and Benji make it to the repair shop, where a slow-moving elderly repair man named Wally says he can fix the machine, but it will take some time. Victor begins to worry he won’t make it back in time for the fundraiser. Benji says if he goes straight there after the machine is fixed he will. Victor, however, doesn’t want to be wearing his current outfit, so the two find a thrift shop. When they arrive, an adorable montage of them trying on various outfits ensues. Victor finally lands on a suit he likes, and as he places it back on the hanger, he spots Benji, shirtless, and gets a little nervous, feelings stirring inside him.

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The fundraiser has started at Mia’s house. She’s on the phone with Victor, who tells her the repair is taking longer than expected, but he should still be able to make it for part of the time. Andrew is also at the event, saying his dad made him go and Mia empathizes. They entertain themselves by playing a game called “daughter or trophy wife,” their first guess extremely wrong. Andrew brings up Victor’s absence, annoying Mia who walks off.

Victor stands in line to pay for his suit while Benji is on the phone with a panicked Sarah. When they hang up, Benji tells Victor that Sarah said if the machine isn’t ready in enough time, they need to spend the night in Willacoochee. Victor isn’t so sure, as he still wants to attend Mia’s fundraiser. Benji says they can go check on the repair and rush Wally. The second after Benji is done talking, Wally calls Victor to let him know the machine is ready for pick-up. Victor hangs up and lets Benji know Wally called, but instead of telling him the machine is fixed, he lies and says it won’t be ready until tomorrow.

Mia, in her room, is the next to get a call from Victor letting her know he won’t make it. She’s disappointed but says he can always meet her dad another time. Andrew lurks by her door until she hangs up. He asks again about Victor (jealous much?) and offers Mia a grilled cheese sandwich he made for her, a palpable tension in the air. Andrew acts on it and kisses Mia, who pushes him away. He brings up the time he came over (so I guess it wasn’t a random camp counselor after all), frustrated that Mia pretends it never happened. She reveals that she only called him because her mom called her that night but didn’t say anything and hung up. She was (rightfully) upset after, so she called Andrew. She apologizes but says it was “a very bad idea on a very bad night,” and he leaves.

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Pilar and Felix chill at the coffee shop. Pilar is sharing school drama with him, but he (hilariously) struggles to keep all of the Nicoles in her class straight. Pilar realizes she hasn’t thought about Texas the whole time they’ve been hanging out. Felix is about to say the same about Lake when he sees her. She confronts him about not liking her Instagram posts like he usually does. He tells her he was coming on too strong and wants to keep a good thing going. Lake tells him to meet her in the bathroom, Felix wants to dash off immediately, but he double checks with Pilar first and both say they had a good time.

Isabel keeps herself occupied by playing the piano and singing Selena’s “Dreaming of You.” Armando watches her. When she notices, she stops, but he urges her to continue. Together, the two sing a little more of the song. He tells her if piano lessons are really what she wants to do, then she should.

The fundraiser comes to a close. Mia finds Veronica sitting on the couch. Veronica brings up Andrew, and Mia reminds her that she has a boyfriend. Veronica mentions her first boyfriend again, sharing with Mia she never understood why he bothered to show up if he was drunk, but he told her “You always show up for the people you love.” Upon hearing this, Mia gets sad about Victor, and Veronica sympathizes with her.

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Victor and Benji make it to their one-bed motel room. Victor offers to sleep on the floor, but Benji won’t let him (as the floor is disgusting), saying there’s plenty of room on the bed for the both of them. Before they tuck-in, Victor notices Benji’s drivers’ license. Benji confesses that it’s actually suspended. On a particularly rough night pre-coming out, he drunk drove into a Wendy’s. He opens up about how the near-death experience pushed him to come out. He says he’s glad Victor started working at the coffee shop and tries to get some sleep. After a beat, Victor gently shakes Benji awake, and Victor kisses him. Benji pushes him away, not angry, but Victor panics and rushes out of the room. He messages Simon about not being able to deny he’s gay, which makes him extremely distressed. He says he hate that he is and wishes it didn’t make his life so hard (someone pass the tissues).

The car ride back is awkward. Victor tries to bring up last night, but Benji opts to turn on music instead. When Victor gets home, Simon responds, upset about Victor’s previous message, telling him he’s perfect even if he doesn’t feel it. Simon writes that he wishes Victor were in New York with him so he could make Victor believe it. In response, Victor starts looking for bus tickets.

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