Ruth Connell to Teach Fans Ballet in New Stageit Show

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Courtesy of Mandi Lea, staff photographer.

Our favorite Queen of Hell, Ruth Connell, is back on Stageit for another dance lesson. This time, Ruth will teach attendees the secrets of the ballet in “Ballet Bum”. The Stageit is set to take place on July 17 at 1 p.m. PDT. Fans can either pay what they can or request a ride from other attendees to be in attendance.

The show is described as follows:

Ballet High!
I will get up on my tipietoes!
I may break my tippietoes!
But you will all be welcome to ask me questions throughout and tip me, especially if I topple over.
It seems we have moved from the kitchen to the bathroom…
Lets see how that works.
Tip for Tap to Bucks in the Bathroom?
K sorry – bye.

Top supporter prizes have already been announced: the top prize will be a twenty minutes lesson from Ruth, second is a ten minutes lesson, and third prize is a five minutes lesson. Anyone tipping over $121 will receive an “infamously inaccurate, mystical, and suspicious tarot video message” from Ruth. Tickets for the show and rides count towards top supporter prizes.

You can purchase a ticket for “Ballet Bum” here.

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