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Interview: Rob Benedict Talks ‘Supernatural’ Conventions and What ‘Supernatural’ Means to Him [EXCLUSIVE]

INTERVIEWSInterview: Rob Benedict Talks 'Supernatural' Conventions and What 'Supernatural' Means to Him...

As a celebration of the end of 15 years of Supernatural, we had originally planned a big project to launch with the end of the series. However, due to COVID-19 and the shutdown of productions, the finale date was pushed back (to what we now know is tentatively in the fall).

We still wanted to celebrate May 18, the original date of the finale, as well as share a few interviews we had planned to launch at the time of the series ending.

The interview with Rob Benedict (Chuck/God) is below, as Rob answered on behalf of Louden Swain and talks about Supernatural, experiences at the convention with the band, and what it means to him. Read on below!

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Nerds and Beyond: Can you tell us how you originally got involved with the Supernatural conventions?

Rob: I’d been on the show for about a season and was asked to do a convention in Chicago in 2009 (pretty sure it was ’09). Soon the fandom found out I had a band and we were asked to play the Burbank convention. It went really well and were asked a few other time to come play. In about 2011, they asked Rich to host in Vegas and he said he’d do it if he were like Letterman and I was like Paul Schaffer and the band. And they agreed! It was just a one off thing but it was a hit so they asked us to do it again a few months later. Soon it became a set thing, and soon after SNS was invented…and that’s how it all got going.

Nerds and Beyond: What is one of your favorite memories from a convention or event for Supernatural?

Rob: For me personally it was when I sang “She Waits” acappella in 2013 in Toronto. It was just a really beautiful moment, there’s video somewhere. And soon after that same day, I had a stroke. Just nuts. But the moment is permanently imprinted on my brain. I suppose then to bookend that, one of the best band moments was when we played our first gig back AFTER my stroke at a convention in Vegas. We played “Reunion” to start the show– and it was….I mean, it was mind blowingly special.

Courtesy of Staff Photographer, Mandi.
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Nerds and Beyond: How has being a part of the Supernatural world changed or affected your life?

Rob: It’s forever changed my life and each of the other three guys [in Louden Swain] lives. We made some of our best friends though this world, and we’ve been able to travel the world and spread the word about our music. And we met so many great people along the way. It’s tattooed on our hearts.

Nerds and Beyond: What is something that the conventions, the actors, or the fans have taught you?

Rob: Open with a hot song and close with something catchy that people can sing along to.

Nerds and Beyond: If you had to describe your experience in one word, what would it be?

Rob: Love.

Nerds and Beyond: The fandom is a big part of why Supernatural and the conventions have been so successful. If you had to say something to them, what would you say?

Rob: Thank you for being on this journey with us! Love you.

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