Thursday, December 2, 2021

Get Animated with ‘The Last Kids on Earth’ Season 2 First Look Character Images

Based on the New York Times bestselling book series by Max Brallier, The Last Kids on Earth is a fun, lighthearted series that follows Jack Sullivan (voiced by Nick Wolfhard) and a band of suburban middle schoolers living in a decked-out treehouse, playing video games, gorging themselves on candy, and battling zombies.

In anticipation of the second season of the hit animated series, Atomic Cartoons and Netflix have released first look character images of Catherine O’Hara and Bruce Campbell in The Last Kids on Earth.

Courtesy of Atomic Cartoons and Netflix.

Voiced by Bruce Campbell, Chef is the grouchy monster who is the mastermind behind all the crazy foods at Joe’s Pizza. Chef is still learning how to cook with Earth food, and his cuisine is less than tasty, but he still likes to challenges Dirk (one of the kids) to competitive cook-offs!

Courtesy of Atomic Cartoons and Netflix.
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Voiced by Catherine O’Hara, Skaelka is extremely enthusiastic and a fiercely ferocious monster who was a warrior in the monster dimension. Skaelka likes to fight and is always ready to use her ax. However, she’s pretty bummed out that Jack won’t let her cut-off any zombies heads.

The second season is based on the second book in the franchise and will return to Netflix on April 17. It will contain 10 episodes that are 22 minutes each. The series will feature the voices of Mark Hamill, Rosario Dawson, Catherine O’Hara, Bruce Campbell, and Keith David, with Nick Wolfhard in the starring role.

You can watch the season two trailer below.

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