‘The Blacklist’ Season 7, Episode 14 Recap: “Twamie Ullulaq”

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This episode begins with Red and Dembe driving in Alaska looking for missing trucks. Red tells Dembe a story about another time in Alaska with a princess when they arrive at their destination.  The GPS attached to the trucks has them right on top of where the trucks should be. They don’t see them until they turn around and see all three semi-trucks in a lake.

Aram is talking to Red as he is cooking salmon and talks about Elodie. Aram says that he needs to know if she killed her husband and if she did, he needs to arrest her. Red suggests that Aram get a blood sample from Charles when Liz walks up to them. She suggests that Aram go to the police and have them investigate instead of Aram himself doing it, or going through Red for that matter. Red tells Aram and Liz that they need to “solve one of life’s greatest mysteries” – the Alaskan Triangle. He tells them they need to investigate who stole the truck and the cargo.

Liz and the rest of the Task Force discuss the Alaskan Triangle and all the disappearances. Red lost a shipment four months prior so he attached a GPS to the next batch of trucks and found them in the lake. He won’t disclose what the trucks were carrying and Liz says some of the shipment has arrived in Italy, which Red is going to investigate. As the team is talking, Ressler gets a call on his phone from “Trouble” and ignores it. Cooper orders Liz and Ressler to talk to the port manager while he orders Park to go to her old field office.

Park arrives at her old field office in Alaska and is met with watchful eyes as she makes her way to her previous supervisor’s office. The supervisor is less than pleased to see her back in Alaska but Park says that she is there on orders from Cooper. She assures Agent Connor that she isn’t here to look for “him”. Connor says that she won’t cover for Park again. We see several men in the woods and they grab their boss to inform him there was a problem with the shipment. They take their boss to the cargo container to reveal a man, shivering from the cold.

Liz and Ressler are driving to meet the port manager when they discuss Aram’s situation with Elodie when Ressler gets a call again from “Trouble”. Liz realizes it’s his brother and says that he can’t ignore family. He dismisses the call as Park reveals the name of the shift manager on duty that dealt with all of the trucks.

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Liz and Ressler talk to Maxwell Barrett at his home and he insists the missing trucks were accidents. He suddenly has a coughing fit and excuses himself to another room. Liz tells Ressler that something seems off when suddenly Barrett starts shooting at them. Ressler shoots and kills the man and Liz sees the room where he came from is full of equipment. They need forensics to see if they can figure out who he was communicating with.

Aram is waiting for Elodie as he sees her and another man talking, then parting ways. Aram calls to Elodie and they drive to go pick out a casket for Charles. Aram asks about the man Elodie was talking to because Aram recognizes him. Elodie says that it was a friend of Charles’. Aram says that she should be alone when she picks the casket because it’s a very important decision. He goes and finds Charles’ body and takes a blood sample. Aram calls Red to tell him he has the “goods” and Red tells him to meet on a bike path at midnight.

Back at the Alaska Office, Connor has made copies of the hard drives and determined that the next target could be. There seems to be some tension between Connor and the Task Force so Ressler asks if there was going to be a problem. She tells him that it depends on Alina. Our blacklister is interrogating the man found in the cargo container and the man insists he has divulged everything. Simultaneously, Liz, Ressler, Alina, and Connor discuss plans to catch the hijackers in the act.

Red meets an old friend, Rossi, in Italy who specializes in fragrances. Red asks about a specific fragrance and they discuss the ingredients, specifically Ambergris (whale vomit). Red tells him that he had Ambergris stolen from him in Alaska and he asks Rossi who his supplier is. Rossi isn’t willing to spill so Red starts to break scent bottles. Dembe is about to break another when Rossi tells Red his supplier.

Aram is at the park bike path and a man arrives on a bicycle. He points to his basket and Aram reluctantly drops the vile in the basket. As the man rides off, Aram sees a man with a cane and it sparks a memory. He recognizes the man Elodie was talking to before and he calls to request a file on Thelonious Prackett.

Park is driving a semi-truck with Ressler and Keen trailing her to lure the hijackers out. Park happens upon a car accident blocking the road but is surprised when she is able to make it through, with no one tailing her. She radios Keen and Ressler she will meet them at a weigh station a couple miles up the road and they can regroup. She arrives at the weigh station but it seems that no one is there. Liz and Ressler have reached the accident and Liz radios to Park that they are waiting for help to arrive before heading to Park, but she doesn’t answer. At the weigh station, we see Park’s truck is gone and her earpiece in the snow. Park is seen at the camp and the men there decide to put her in the same cargo container as the man from before. She tells the man she isn’t with the men who have them trapped and the man says they are going to die in there. Park tells the man if they could escape, she may be able to find an access road. The man tells her that he was abducted and he is a nobody. She tells him her name and that she is with the FBI. She told herself she would never come back and she has already died there once, she doesn’t plan to do it again.

Liz and Ressler are at the weigh station on the phone with Cooper and Aram. Cooper tells Aram that files he requested have arrived for him and Liz and thought Aram would’ve gone to the police. Aram says getting Agent Park back is priority right now. Aram has Red on the phone and he conferences with the team. Red tells them that Twamie Ullulaq is behind the hijackings. Back during the Cold War, the military armed and trained civilians but it was disbanded and many promises were broken. In the container, Twamie asks Park what the FBI knows. Cooper tells the Liz and Ressler to search the land that was set aside by the military. Twamie threatens to kill the man but his men call him outside to tell him that Barrett was killed. He orders his men to pack up the camp.

Aram goes to Wilbur Eaton’s house, the man Elodie met with and he says that he went to offer condolences. Aram says that according to his immunity agreement, he needs to provide full disclosure. Aram asks Eaton why he was with Elodie. Eaton reveals that they met so she could pay him what she owes. Aram presses further for what she owes him for and he says “you don’t want to know”.

One of Ullulaq’s men comes into the cargo container and throws Park handcuffs. Park says to him that if he wants them in handcuffs, he is going to have to put the handcuffs on for them. When Ullulaq’s man comes to put handcuffs on Park, she attacks him. The kidnapped man grabs the gun of Ullulaq’s man and holds it on Park. He tells Park that he didn’t kill “her” and Park realizes who he is: Edward Lussier.

Connor, Liz, and Ressler are looking for Park. Connor tells Liz and Ressler that this plan was a mistake and her team there in Alaska is working hard to recover Agent Park. She tells them that they got a location on the camp. Ressler asks Liz about what Connor meant about Park and Liz explains that Park’s history in Alaska is complicated.

Park is talking to Lussier as she is handcuffed to a pole inside the container. She tells him that he will die out there because the temperatures will drop and he is a junkie. She knows where they are and they will both die if she doesn’t escape with him. He lets her go and she tells him that she is holding onto the bullets from the gun. Park tells Lussier that he can hold the gun, she will carry the bullets. They escape out of the cargo container.

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Ullulaq’s men tell Ullulaq that the prisoners escaped. He orders his men to find them and follow their tracks. Park and Lussier are walking through the woods when she tells him that he killed her mom. He tells her that he knows what she did, paying off cops, holding someone at gunpoint, and having the FBI cover it up. If she turns him in, he will tell what she did. He goes to attack her when he steps in a bear trap. Park has a flashback of her as a child with her mother. She tells him that she can’t break him free but she will go get help. Park gives Lussier the bullets for the gun and tells him to aim wisely.

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At the camp, explosions begin and the FBI have arrived. A shootout ensues and Liz sneaks up on Twamie. She asks him where Park is and she says that his men must know where she is or where they are looking for her. In the woods, Park is captured and is taken back to where Lussier is injured. Lussier tries to bargain with the men telling them that Park is an FBI agent and he can give them information on her for a deal. Twamie’s men aren’t convinced and go to shoot Park when Liz and Ressler arrive and shoot the men down. Liz asks Park if she is okay when Park warns her that she is about to be shot but Lussier shoots the man.

At the office, Liz talks to Park and Park says that the man she was trapped with was her mother’s boyfriend. Liz asks if that was the man she has been looking for all this time and how did they both ended up in the same place? Park says she might have an idea. Aram and Elodie are at the Post Office when he brings her to an interrogation room to meet with Eaton. She says that she can explain and Eaton tells her he told Aram about their arrangement. Aram tells her that she manipulated him. He asks if she killed Charles and she says no.

Agent Park confronts Reddington about bringing her and Lussier back together. He says that her life interferes with his business and he knows what happened to her mother. He tells her that she needs to settle the debt within herself. Park tells Red that she was actually the one to kill her mother because she gave her mom drugs and she overdosed. She was a child and thought she was helping her mom. As she talks, we see a flashback of Park as a child.

Aram is back at the bike path in the park and gets the results of the blood test from Charles. Park goes into Cooper’s office and tells him what happened in Anchorage. Liz is watching Twamie being interrogated and feels sympathy for him as Cooper tells her that Park told him everything. She tells Cooper to give her the benefit of the doubt. “When it comes to family, it’s complicated”. We see Ressler ignore another call from his brother as Aram goes into the interrogation room where Elodie is waiting. He arrests her for her husband’s death and she is taken away.

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