Miracles Happen in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 2, Episode 4: “What If God Was One of Us?”

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Roswell, New Mexico brought us another brilliant episode with “What If God Was One of Us?” this week. While Michael and Alex continue to bring us GIF-worthy moments, it is Isobel and Arturo that truly stole our hearts this week.

We start by traveling back in time to 1947 once again. Men are on the hunt for the two missing aliens, Michael’s mom and Max and Isobel’s mom. They knock on the right door, and blood on the sleeve is a big red flag. Thank goodness for the quick wit of a young boy running up with a story about coyotes.

With a risk of being told to go the next day, the women perform a “miracle.” They used their powers to help their savior’s job as a foreman, and with Walt’s (the young kid from before) insistence, the women get to stay.

Back to the present day, Kyle and Liz discuss Max’s current situation, which has MacGyver written all over it. Michael has Max hooked up to a car battery. We also get a laugh when Kyle says he can pick Guerin’s nipples out of a line up.

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At the diner, everyone’s meals got interrupted by Graham Green promoting his podcast and his new malt shop across the street. Liz tries to push him out the door, but it is Isobel to the rescue when Graham runs into the door, knocking his toupee off. Isobel is clearly learning some new tricks. Isobel also came up with an idea for U-F-doughs, tripling the diner’s doughnut sales. She also wants to help Arturo, and use her mind tricks to help him believe Rosa was resurrected. I think we can all agree, we like this helpful Isobel!

While Kyle drops by the station to wish his mom a happy birthday, he finds out Sheriff Valenti is still on Noah’s case. He tries his hardest to persuade her off the case. It doesn’t look like that will be happening.

We then head off to Michael and Alex. Michael is no longer hibernating, but at the Long farm. With Isobel doing her own thing and Maria not speaking to him, Michael doesn’t have many friends to hang out with. Alex confides in him that he thinks Mimi DeLuca’s disappearance was alien related. Michael thinks it could be anything.

They are at the Long farm because Michael figured out what happened thanks to a newspaper clipping and the farm’s record-breaking crops. The day after the photo was published, the farm was set ablaze, killing the entire staff. It was a freak accident – a bolt of lightning hitting the barn the exact same night Michael’s mom was locked up. He is there searching for answers.

While that seems like a good plan, they did not seem to think about Wyatt Long confronting them with a crossbow. They both know Wyatt can’t possibly shoot them both, but as Alex says, “I don’t think logic is the best defense against a buzzed redneck.” Alien powers to the rescue, then. Looks like Wyatt is going to be preoccupied with rounding up the horses Michael sets free.

Kyle and Steph spend some more time together in the surgery theater. Kyle is studying to learn about heart transplants, yet Steph’s motives are still unclear, other than it just being for fun. Shout out to the line about how you “can fill a whole series” in regards to a YA novel. You gotta love a meta reference!

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Meanwhile, Jenna visits Jesse Manes. Jenna wants answers to the whereabouts of her sister, since she was never in the prison Jesse said she was in. Jenna even got a postcard from her sister, only it was not her sister’s handwriting. Manes says she was released, but in more trouble. It looks as if Charlie’s research to save lives was sought out by the wrong people who wanted to use it as a bioweapon. Like Manes, who could have used it to wipe out every alien.

Back at the diner, Isobel is using her Instagram skills to set up a social media profile for Arturo. She also subtly drops the word “miracle” into their conversation. Cue more alien powers with a really cool transition. Arturo says he prays for forgiveness, and with a flashback of him trying to help a high Rosa, we find out he blames himself. He thinks he failed Rosa.

Liz employs Kyle’s reluctant help to break into the dean of surgery’s office because Liz needs a key so she can get the machine she needs. With the dean and his daughter, Steph, approaching, they sneak into the office’s closet. Before they leave for a meal, he needs to get his hat, but Steph offers to get it for him. Seeing the hat in the closet, Liz thinks quickly and pulls Kyle in for a kiss. An angry Steph grabs the hat, but doesn’t say a thing. While Liz thinks it will be no harm done, Kyle is definitely not happy with the situation.

Back in 1947, it’s clear that Roy Bronson and Louise (Max and Isobel’s mom) had a flirtatious connection as they danced. Nora, Michael’s mom, talked with Walt while the other two danced. I think all our heart’s broke when she talked about missing her dance partner, “about your height. Curly hair, though. He has my whole heart.” And she is absolutely right. Michael is very smart and brave.

In present time, but the same location, Alex and Michael take a peek around the barn. Apparently, aliens smell like rain, so Alex knows something alien happened at that barn. While the barn was rebuilt after the fire, they did save a few pieces, including one with a height chart. Michael is rightfully upset that their moms didn’t let them out of the pods, but Alex assures him it probably was not safe. He also realizes that Walt may still be alive, as well.

Image Courtesy The CW.

The party is crashed by a newcomer, someone Michael knows. While Michael looks up UFO crash information at the library, the new dude looks up World War II stuff, giving them the nicknames “alien guy” and “Nazi guy.” Which is all news to Alex, the “totally lost guy.” Forrest (Nazi guy), who lives on the farm, deduces they are at the barn thinking something alien happened in 1947. He quickly shoots that down saying the people there were Nazi spies. Oh, how misinformed he is.

Isobel drops in on Rosa, who throws a smoothie still in the blender cup at Isobel in fear. Of course, with those quick alien instincts, it never hits Isobel. Isobel understands why she is scared, and Rosa understands Isobel was a victim, too. But the past is not why Isobel is there. She is there about Arturo. She wants Rosa’s help.

Rosa opens up to Isobel. She wanted to make her dad’s famous cherry chili blast milkshake, but can’t remember the secret ingredient, or even the last thing she said to him. She even talks about her mental health, and how she can be really happy one moment, and the next the darkness takes over. Her dad used to help by letting her paint on the walls. He did not care about the walls, he cared about his daughter’s happiness. Music helped her, too, and loved when her dad bought the jukebox. Her dad’s milkshakes and prayer help her, as well. Her dad was such a huge part of her happiness.

That is when we learn that everything we saw with Rosa was a memory Isobel was sharing with Arturo while slipping him money. While he says her money is no good at the diner, she insists it is for a cherry chili blast milkshake. Also, Isobel threatened to “reverse-rob” Arturo by breaking in and leaving the money.

Back to Jenna and Jesse, Jesse points her in the direction to find her sister. Whether it is a valid direction, or more sketchy manipulation on his part, has yet to be seen. Considering his parting words are condolences for Max and Jenna’s relationship, I’m thinking it is hard for Jesse Manes to not be manipulative.

Kyle confronts Liz in the surgery theater. He blames himself, but also hints at Liz not thinking about it being a big deal. Risking his job for Liz and lying to his mom to protect Max seems to be getting to him. Liz is on a pedestal for him, but Max is on a pedestal for Liz. Liz tells him they are like family to each other. But Kyle needs his space once Max is saved so that he can stop putting Liz first.

Back to Michael and Alex, Alex realizes there is more to Michael than he ever knew. He didn’t know there was a side to him that hung out at a library or was friends with a Long. Speaking of Long, Forrest brings them a case of beer and tells them what he knew of 1947. He explains the reason for all the iron crosses, and that he knew the story of two women being hidden on the farm.

Image Courtesy The CW.

When Forrest was a kid he would look for artifacts. He found some and showed them what was inside his metal container of artifacts. Inside were bullets that the airmen used in 1948, the year Michael’s mom was captured. They were all over, and the story was the Nazis were building a bomb in the barn. When the Air Force showed up the night of the fire, he told them lightning was just a cover up from them. He then shows them a burned piece of plans on paper. We later find out that these were plans for a spaceship.

Kyle shows up at the station once more to surprise his mom with a birthday dinner. Still on Noah’s case, she asks Kyle about acetone poisoning. She thinks Max poisoned Noah’s coffee with acetone, and then left him in the desert. Even more, that Isobel knew about it. Kyle assures her it would take gallons of acetone to do such a thing, and that Noah was just struck by lightning.

Alex meets up with Michael once more at his home, where Michael is drinking a beer around a fire. He shows Alex the complete plans for the ship, with enough room for three pods to save the kids. Alex, on the other hand, found some stuff of his own.

Alex found an AAR with names redacted but not phrases. He found one, “Diligence is what main men do.” He knows that whoever wrote the AAR heard “main,” but Alex knows that it truly meant “Manes.” Alex knows that phrase, and now he knows that Tripp (the man in the Air Force) was a Manes man. In fact, it was Alex’s great uncle, Eugene Manes III.

When the Air Force was closing in on the barn, Nora hid Walt away. Bronson swears he won’t let anything happen to Louise because he loves her. Bronson pleads with Tripp, but Tripp calls them the enemy. Tripp murdered everyone on the farm, then captured Michael’s mom. With Walt still hiding inside, Tripp lit the barn on fire, turning it to an explosion when the fire reached the ship’s fuel.

Alex gets emotional given his ancestry. Michael assures Alex that it was not him, but Alex is having a hard time believing it. Whether it is to make up for his family’s past, or to make sure he is not like them, Alex hands over the piece of the alien ship he has had in his possession. Alex kept it because he did not want Michael to use it and leave. He no longer wants to be standing in Michael’s way.

Image Courtesy The CW.

Things end on a shocking note. Jenna leaves a message for Liz, but when she investigates a dead animal, things go wrong for her. Her car lights go wonky, a bright light appears, and she seems to be on the brink of being abducted. Isobel also works her last bits of magic, and Arturo finally gets to see Rosa. He never questions it. Lastly, the machines Max is hooked up to go on the fritz, and Max’s eyes open.

We have an official cowboy hat tally of 2 and a half for this episode, since the last sighting was in Michael’s hands (though, without commercials it is just one long, glorious scene). It was a fantastic episode, setting up what is sure to be an intense one next week. Go on and sling your own light, and be sure to tune in next Monday at 9pm on The CW!

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