‘Manifest’ Recap: Prepare for “Icing Conditions” as the Season 2 Finale Takes Off

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Melissa Roxburgh in Manifest. Image courtesy of Heidi Gutman/NBC

The season 2 finale of Manifest is here, and it’s filled with surprises. Last week’s episode ended with Cal being taken, and in the season finale, the Stone family, along with a dying Zeke, Jared, and Drea, try to find him. Zeke is in his last hours, and Michaela will do anything to ensure he’s safe. Will they find Cal? Will Zeke make it?

Find out all that went down in the season 2 finale of Manifest, “Icing Conditions.”

Grace and Ben keep asking Michaela questions about Cal, and Michaela thinks the guys are getting back at her since she arrested them, and they want their meth back. She admits that Jace Baylor was taunting her; it’s like he knew she had the Calling to let him go. Ben wants to know why she didn’t, but Michaela doesn’t know. “I screwed up! But I will fix this.” She’ll get them what they want. She’ll get the meth back from the evidence locker room. Ben asks what the precinct said, but Michaela hasn’t called them. There isn’t any time, and the guys said if Michaela brings in any more cops, they’ll kill Cal. Michaela swears to Grace that she will fix this, and Grace tells her not to swear anything to her because she doesn’t know. Ben realizes that the Calling of the plane exploding was about Cal.

“Michaela, you get me my son back.”

After Michaela gets home from successfully getting the meth from the evidence locker, along with Jared’s help, she answers a call from an unknown number. One of the guys, Kory, asks if she has their product, and Michaela says yes. Kory assumes Michaela isn’t stupid enough to tell any of her friends. Michaela tells him no, and demands to speak to Cal so she knows he’s okay. Kory’s about to hand the phone over to Jace’s brother, Pete, but Jace grabs it. “Remember when I promised you hellfire and fury?” Michaela pleads with Jace not to hurt Cal, but he tells her if he doesn’t get back what’s his, he’s not going to hurt him; he’s going to kill him.

The plan is that they’re supposed to leave a duffle bag of meth under a bench and hope for the best. Michaela says the guys will show that Cal’s okay. Once they confirm what they’ve got, they’ll release him. What if they don’t, and they take the drugs and leave? Jared tells Grace they don’t want Cal and that the NYPD can try to make an arrest, and things can go sideways. Ben and Grace know they don’t want to risk that, and Jared tells them all that matters is getting Cal back safely. With that being said, Michaela’s plan is the way to go. It’s what Jared would do if it were his son. Michaela assures them that Jared will be onsite if anything does go wrong. Drea comes in with a comms carrier, thinking they might need it. Jared told her? She’s Michaela’s partner. “So much for no cops.” Today, Drea’s family.

Michaela says they want to make the exchange outside the intrepid. She’ll take the meth to the plaza, and Ben will be waiting for them to show up at the overpass. Once they do, Michaela will push the bag under the bench. Jared says they’ll recognize him and Drea, so they’ll stay out of sight. Michaela and Ben get into their positions and wait for the guys to show up with Cal. Jared spots Jace and Pete with Cal, and they soon come into Ben’s eyesight. Ben makes a signal to Cal, and Cal does the same, indicating that he’s okay. Michaela pushes the bag under the bench, and Kory, across from her, is on the phone. Michaela tells Jared she’s made contact and gets up to leave. As she starts to walk away, a woman comes up to her, telling her she forgot her bag. Michaela walks up to her, flashing her badge, quietly telling her that she’s a cop and she needs her to walk away. The woman doesn’t believe her and calls over an officer to tell her what happened. Michaela tells the officer she can explain; she’s a detective. Michaela says she’s about to blow an undercover operation, but the officer doesn’t believe her. Jace and Pete start to leave, taking Cal with them, and Ben goes after them. However, it’s too late, and Ben loses them.

Michaela, Jared, and Drea meet at the precinct with Captain Bowers. She wonders how a duffle bag of meth that was supposed to be in the evidence locker was part of a failed hostage exchange. Michaela tells her they took her nephew, and Bowers says she should’ve come to her. Jared tells Bowers that Michaela couldn’t, there was a clock on the exchange, but they have procedures. As long as they work in the precinct, they will follow them. Michaela takes off her badge and gun and places them on Bowers’ desk, telling her if she thinks she will give a damn about anything other than saving her nephew, she’ll quit the force if she has to to get Cal back. Bowers stops her before she leaves, throwing Michaela her badge. “Resignation not accepted.” And from here on out, they do things Bowers’ way.

At the Stone house, while Grace tells one of the officers what Cal was wearing when he was taken, Ben tells Michaela that this is a disaster and goes to the garage. Michaela follows him, telling him she’s sorry. “What more do you want from me? I’m already dying inside.” Ben tells Michaela they’re supposed to follow the Callings; it’s all she had to do. “These bastards would’ve died in the meth lab explosion like they were supposed to, and Cal would be home safe.” He told her that all other paths would lead to disaster, but she didn’t listen. Michaela’s sick to her stomach, but it didn’t make sense. That is a voice in her head telling her to let Zeke die or to let three scumbag drug dealers go. It’s not a voice she wants to listen to. Ben tells Michaela they don’t have a choice. “If we have zero control over what we do, then what is the point of us coming back in the first place?” Ben points to all of the newspaper articles, saying “this” over and over again. All of this was dumped on their lap. They were chosen. Ben’s scared to death that since Michaela didn’t listen to the Calling, they might be too late.

As Michaela is tucking in Zeke more so he’s warmer, he gets the Calling of himself walking through the woods and collapsing on the icy ground. Only this time, Cal comes into view, hovering over him, calling his name. Zeke tells Michaela he saw him; he’s somewhere in the wilderness, where he dies. Michaela tells him that no one’s dying today. When Olive brings Zeke a drink, she gets a text from an unknown number. “It’s OK. I’m not scared. Tell Mom and Doug, I love them.” Olive thinks it’s from Cal. She thinks she knows where he is.

Olive shows the text to Ben and Grace, telling them that Doug is the Dugout, the sketchy diner by the ski mountain. She and Cal were obsessed over the place, so they named it Doug. Ben finds the diner’s location on Maps, and Zeke points to the picture of it, noticing the power lines are the same ones he saw in his Calling. That must be where Cal is, they have to get up there, but Ben tells Michaela they have to tell the cops. They tried it her way, and it didn’t work. Ben doesn’t have to trust Michaela, but he has to trust the Callings. Ben and Michaela get ready to leave when Zeke tells them he’s coming too. If his body temperature drops too low, he will die, but he won’t listen. Zeke got the Calling. He’s supposed to help.

“If today’s the day I die, I’m not going to my grave knowing Cal was in trouble, and I just stayed home trying to save myself.”

Michaela gives in, and before Zeke leaves with her, he tells Jared that he’s glad he’ll be there for her when he’s gone.

As they’re driving through the wilderness, Ben, Michaela, and Zeke hit a dead end. Zeke tells Ben to keep driving farther. Ben points out a trailhead; it looks like they’re moving on foot. Zeke says he’s going too. It’s below freezing out there. He won’t make it. Michaela asks Ben to give the two of them a second, and Ben gets out of the car. She asks Zeke if he can hold on until she gets back; he’s not going to die.

“This isn’t how it’s supposed to happen; this is wrong.”

Zeke tells her he got everything he ever wanted in life and more than he deserved. Michaela doesn’t want Zeke to leave her or to leave him, but she has to get Cal. Zeke knows she does and tells Michaela to tell Cal that he loved him. Michaela leaves and goes off with Ben to find Cal.

Zeke gets another Calling, this time of him lying down and Cal running across a frozen lake. He gets out of the car and starts walking. Meanwhile, Ben and Michaela are walking further towards the cabin where Jace, Pete, and Kory are holding Cal in and quickly turn off their flashlights so they’re not seen. But it’s too late. The guys see and try to figure out what to do before they’re caught. As Jace and Kory are arguing, Pete cuts Cal free, and he runs out the back door. Jace and Kory realize he’s gone and go after him. Ben and Michaela get to the cabin, but it’s already empty. Cal runs through the woods as the three try to catch him, Ben and Michaela running behind them. Cal gets to the frozen lake and runs across it, Zeke coming towards him. Jace grabs him. Ben and Michaela finally catch up to them. However, lightning strikes the lake, cracking the ice, with Cal, Jace, Pete, and Kory falling through.

Ben, Michaela, and Zeke run up to where they fell through. Zeke jumps right in to save Cal, despite Michaela’s pleas. Ben reaches into the water to try to get Cal as Zeke struggles to find him. Zeke finally finds him and brings him to the surface, Ben taking him. Before Zeke can get back to safety, Jace brings him down. Once Zeke is free of him, he tries to get back up but is met with only an icy surface. Ben finds him and pulls him up. However, it seems too late as Zeke is no longer moving, and his eyes are frozen open. Ben takes Cal, while Michaela holds Zeke in her arms. She apologizes to Zeke, and Ben tells her it was his time. A glowing light starts shining, and to everyone’s surprise and relief, Zeke wakes up. “I’m still alive, right?” Jared and Drea, along with cops and fire and rescue, show up at the lake. Everyone’s okay.

At the lake the following day, search and rescue tell Jared they’ve searched every inch, and there’s no sign of bodies anywhere. That’s not possible. Nobody has come out of that lake. They have to be there.

As Cal, Olive, and Grace are sleeping soundly in Ben and Grace’s bed, Ben is still awake, holding baby Eden. All seems right with the world until Ben gets another Calling of 828 exploding, this time going into the ocean. Elsewhere, a Spanish fishing boat is on the water when it stops suddenly. When the fishermen pull up what stopped it, it’s a massive piece of a plane belonging to Montego Airways.

Fisherman 1: “The missing plane.”

Fisherman 2: “No. That plane came back.”

Fisherman 1: “This is the plane. Eight Two Eight.”

Cal and Zeke are both safe and sound! But, answers come with more questions. We still don’t know what happened to Adrian. Where are Jace, Pete, and Kory? And did we find out what really happened with Flight 828? Is that how it’s all connected to Al-Zuras? Will the rest of the passengers be able to survive their Death Date? What are your theories? Manifest season 2 is officially done, but there is currently no word on a season 3. Be sure to keep tweeting and talking about this show so it’s renewed, and watch the series in its entirety now on Hulu.

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