Hold on to Your Family in ‘Manifest’ Season 2, Episode 12 Recap: “Call Sign”


Manifest opens this week reminding us that Michaela received a Calling to “let him go” for her most recent arrest, and Zeke and her are now engaged, even though he is freezing to death. Sannvi was removed from the hospital so even if she could, she cannot help Zeke or anyone anymore, and Cal is reminded of his first drawing of the Callings: his family with a shadow behind them.

At the station, Michaela, Jared, and Mikami all separately interview the three criminals who were last seen in a cell together. Having over a million dollars worth of meth in your place will get you fast tracked to prison, best not to think of the best way to get back at the detectives who arrested you. Out of the three of them, Michaela is sufficiently creeped out by Jace; he can almost see right through her, as if he is connected in some way. Jared tells her they can take the three of them to Rikers, but she has to decline, since she is getting married. Michaela thinks Jace can help save Zeke, but can he? Or will this wedding of theirs be a final celebration of his life? After an awkward silence, Jared says he will not only be at the wedding, but asks what he can do.

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Michaela returns to Ben’s house to see him watching old home movies from when she was a kid with her mom. Ben suggests that she wear their mom’s dress or veil, since as a child she would play dress-up in them, but Dad got rid of all her stuff when she died. At her apartment, Zeke returns home to find he is shelled in ice and the frostbite that is killing him is getting worse. He taps it off his skin and the crystals fall to the floor.

On the city sidewalk in New York, Sannvi approaches the doctor and chair of her department at the hospital asking to get back into her lab. She then finds out the decision to revoke her license was not done by him, but someone much higher up in the government and the National Institute of Health. He asks Sannvi if there is anyone in the government that would want to shut her down. She knows exactly who did this.

Michaela is trying, and failing, to write her vows, as she sighs deeply she notices the pillow her mom made that says, “All things work together for good,” and she is reminded of a memory from her mother, how even people that have made mistakes deserve happiness. Michaela is brought back to the present when Zeke walks into the room. What she is doing by marrying him, bringing their families together to celebrate them, it is a memory he wants to hold on to. Michaela asks Zeke to do one more round of treatment. He respectfully declines in the end, not wanting any more needles, hospitals, none of it.

Olive and TJ are looking for sheet pans, however Ben has turned the entire garage into the Upside Down where nothing can be found. Olive invites him to go skiing on winter break that is coming up soon, but that is not really his thing. Olive suggests any activity of his choosing but TJ brushes the subject aside and uses finals and the wedding as an excuse. Michaela and Zeke show up to find Ben not-so-elegantly decorating the house with twinkle lights. Grace tells her their dad is coming to fix it as Ben has a Calling of flight 828 exploding at the airport explosion site. Grace and Michaela both urge Ben to go check out the Calling, insisting that he return in time for the wedding that evening. This could be the last chance at saving Zeke after all.

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Zeke goes to talk to Cal, teasing him about a Calling when Cal says he is “good,” because honestly, what is fun about dying. Zeke also goes on to tell Cal they haven’t done the best part of planning a wedding — the bachelor party. The two of them gorge on candy to have a sugar rush and sugar crash, and while Zeke is doing is best to remain awake, Cal brings out Monopoly, which he has not played in years. How many more chances are they going to have to play though, and is there a way to beat the death date? Cal did beat cancer, so anything is possible. This was the best bachelor party Zeke could have asked for. It’s a shame he will have to crush Cal in the game.

In a news report, the meth lab the three criminals, including Jace, were arrested for was found exploded. Jared and Michaela agree that it is very suspicious. What if the Callings wanted them in the lab and they were supposed to die instead? Jared decides he is going to investigate a little further, asking Jace how he did it. Empty cook houses do not blow up for just any reason, and apparently, his meth buddies are more afraid of him than they are of jail. Jace retaliates, saying he will come after Jared after he pays a visit to his girlfriend. Mikami is with him and has to hold Jared back for a moment.

Meanwhile Ben is at the airport where flight 828 exploded when he sees a familiar face from his board in the garage, Ward. He begins to run away but Ben stops him. Ward knows exactly what he wants to talk about and begins to break down, stating that 828 was all his fault as he is the one who okayed the flight to take off from Jamaica. Ward blames himself for missing something in the rushed inspection. All he was thinking about at the time was getting in the jump seat to get home. Ward has been haunted of images of the flight exploding as well. Ben tries to tell him that it’s okay and he wants to help. Ward refuses, as he has not worked or slept, and every time he hears about a passenger in trouble or dying, he knows he has to figure out what went wrong. Ben assures him that they are supposed to figure it out together, since he has been having the same vision.

At the house Priscilla, Zeke’s mom, gives Michaela her something borrowed. Zeke comes downstairs, and she tries to tell him that she will not be attending the wedding after what his father did to them after Chloe died. She believes there will be many more milestones to celebrate and photograph. However he insists that she be there. Zeke has to come clean about dying, though his mom does not believe him at first. Zeke regales the last year has been a blessing; making amends with both his parents, finding Michaela, and if he can have one day where he can celebrate all of it at once and have his mom there to support him, that is all Zeke really wants before it all ends.

Sannvi is at a storage unit trying to find Director Vance, as she makes a frantic call to the travel agency to secure a one-way ticket to Havana. She then goes to Ben’s house, asking for help. She finds out Ben is working on a Calling about the plane exploding for another passenger and she begs him to get in touch with Vance, since no other avenue is working. He advises her to go talk to his wife. She knows he is alive and while he may not answer calls from them right now, he will return one from her. Sannvi confronts her at her job, telling her that her husband is in the cemetery and she needs to leave.

At the house, Michaela is trying to alter the wedding dress she found in a thrift shop to the best of her ability. When her dad walks in, she asks him if he still would have married her mother if he knew she was sick at the time. While her dad would marry her mom again, even if it lasted only five minutes, he assures Mick that he will be there for her. While Zeke is getting ready, his father apologizes for not being there when he was needed most. Zeke tells him that when he is gone, his mom is going to need a friend, though she will not want one. He is leaving that job to his dad.

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Olive and TJ walk into the fairytale that has been created downstairs for the wedding, and TJ has to tell her that he is leaving for Egypt on a grant. Surviving 828 and the night club fire gave him reason to find more answers about the Death Date and the prophecy book. Jared shows up and he and Zeke have an incredibly awkward exchange. However, Jared is there for Mick. Ben shows up just in the nick of time as Michaela is asking Grace to call it off. In a bag is a box with their mother’s veil, the Calling outside the apartment building led him there, because “all good things.” When Jared sees Michaela come down the stairs, he bails. As Jared speeds off, we see Jace and his friends biding their time outside the house.

When we return, we see Zeke and Michaela not only have their ceremony but also reception. When Michaela makes her vows, she looks over to her dad and sees her mom as well, clear as day. In reality there is an empty chair with a single white rose to signify a parent that has passed. Michaela tells Ben and thinks that seeing their mom means that she still needs to do everything she can to save Zeke and honor his wishes at the same time. Michaela asks Mikami where Jared went. She tells him that he had to leave and to not worry about it. She deserves to be happy.

While the situation between Zeke and Michaela may be far from normal, Zeke calls out Michaela for her reservations, asking if she had second thoughts. She assures him that she loves him, no matter what. Outside the house, TJ invites Olive to come to Egypt with him, however she wants to spend as much time as possible with her mom, her dad, Cal, and for her baby sister to know her. She assumes the two of them are breaking up, but TJ asks that she not give up on him. They are not breaking up; he is taking this trip so he can solve the Death Date.

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As Michaela and Zeke go to leave, Michaela tells Sannvi to call her if she finds anything. Sannvi receives an alert that her ticket to Havana is ready, while Zeke says goodbye to his mom. When leaving, he tells Cal that he saved his life in more ways than one. Cal gives Zeke the race car from Monopoly, telling him that he will always be with him.

Sannvi goes to the warehouse where Vance used to be, turns out the Major found a breakthrough with her research and now she is cutting all the loose ends. That is why Sannvi had her license revoked and was fired. Vance does praise her ingenuity for showing up in public at his wife’s work for the SOS. Whatever the Major discovered, she needs it to stay in her hands only, but Sannvi is not going to hide from her. She is going to go after her instead.

Ben and Grace put the baby to bed while Ben has another Calling of the plane exploding while looking over his daughter. Cal and Olive finish cleaning up the house while Cal decides to go light sparklers outside on the front lawn, when three tall dark shadows come up behind him. Zeke and Michaela are driving for their already planned honeymoon when the phone goes off. It’s Cal, screaming for help from the back of a car, Jace demanding she get them back their stash or she’ll bury her nephew.

Find out the conclusion of  Manifest next week on NBC at 9 p.m ET/8 p.m. CT.

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