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Are you at the point during self-isolation where you have gone through all of your books, movies, and streaming services? Well, fear not, we’ve compiled a list of a few audio dramas that are bingeworthy. You can listen to them while going for a walk, cleaning, or sitting somewhere comfy with a cup of tea or coffee.

Without further ado, here are some bingeworthy audio dramas.

The Adventure Zone

Image courtesy of The McElroy Family website

This podcast is a comedy adventure game based on the popular Dungeons & Dragons. It is hosted by brothers Travis, Justin, and Griffin McElroy, along with their father, Clint. They fight enemies, solve puzzles, meet exciting characters on the way, and level up. In the first Arc, we are introduced to Magnus Burnsides (Travis), a human fighter, Taako (Justin), an elven wizard, and Merle Highchurch (Clint) a dwarven cleric. The primary campaign, which was later titled “Balance,” was a three-year, 69 episodes campaign. The Arc involves a global war surrounding the Grand Relics, which are seven powerful magical artifacts for the Bureau of Balance. The “Amnesty” campaign followed that which has Monster of the Week episodes. They are currently are on the “Graduation” campaign where students are in the school for sidekicks and henchpeople.

Hello from the Magic Tavern

Image courtesy of “Hello from the Magic Tavern”

It is a weekly podcast from Arnie (Arnie Niekamp) who fell through a magical portal that was behind a Burger King located in Chicago. On the other side of the portal, Arnie found himself in the magical land Foon. Somehow, there is still a small wi-fi signal, and he had his podcasting equipment with him, so he set up in a tavern called The Vermillion Minotaur and interviews creatures, wizards, talking plants, and more. On each episode, Arnie is joined by Chunt (Adal Rifai) who is a shapeshifter who for the majority of the podcast is a badger, and Usidore (Matt Young) a Wizard who is trying to find 12 people to go on a quest with him to defeat the dark lord. He also has quite a long introduction.

“Usidore, Wizard of the 12th Realm of Ephysiyies, Master of the Light and Shadow, Manipulator of Magical Delights, Devourer of Chaos, Champion of the Great Halls of Terr’akkas. The elves know me as Fi’ang Yalok. The dwarves know me as Zoenen Hoogstandjes. And I am known in the Northeast as Gaismunenas Meistar.”

The Bright Sessions

Image courtesy of “The Bright Sessions”

Follow Dr. Bright (Julia Morizawa) and the patients she sees in her therapy practice. But they are not typical patients – they are “Atypical.” Each one with a supernatural ability. These are their stories, struggles, and discoveries with Dr. Bright’s help. Some of the interesting patients include Sam Barnes (Lauren Shippen), Chloe Turner (Anna Lore), Damien (Charlie Ian), newest Caleb Michaels (Briggon Snow), and more. After finishing The Bright Sessions audio drama, head over to Luminary to listen to the AM Archives. This sci-fi series picks up six months after where the other left off. Dr. Bright, along with Sam and Owen Green (Ian McQuown), try to turn the institution she left around to help other “Atypicals” learn how to use their abilities. But things don’t go as smoothly as expected. Also, coming in September 2020, if you need more Caleb Michaels and Adam Hayes (Alex Gallner) in your life – let’s face it, we all do — The College Tapes are coming!

The Kinda Nerdy Girls Podcast

Image courtesy of “Kinda Nerdy Girls”

Join KJ, Katie, Johna as they talk about TV shows, movies, cats, and more! They cover conventions, the paranormal, and interviews with guests like Shelly from Con*Quest Journals, Richard Speight Jr. (Supernatural, Kings of Con), YouTuber Alana King, and most recently, Jane Levey (Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist).  This podcast is “fun, fast-paced, & full of laughs!”

Passenger List

Image courtesy of “Passenger List”

In this thriller mystery audio drama, Atlantic Airlines flight 702 that was mid-flight with 256 passengers on board, has disappeared. Kaitlin Le’s (Kelly Marie Tran) twin brother was on that flight, and she is suspicious about what they have been saying about the plane going from London to New York. So, Kaitlin starts an investigation into the flight’s disappearance. The first season was eight episodes and featured the voice talents of Colin Morgan, Patti Lupone, Rob Benedict, Briggon Snow, and more. “A missing plane. A cabin full of suspects, a search for the truth.”

Wine and Comics

Image courtesy of “Wine and Comics”

Each episode Topher Harless (It’s Past My Bedtime) and Meghan Fitzmartin (Supernatural, Red Rhino) have some wine and discuss all things Marvel, DC, TV, movies, tell stories, and talk all things comic book related. It is not only informative but comedic, and an awesome nerdy book club. They livestream each of the episodes on their Facebook page as well.

You can listen to these and many more podcasts on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts/audio dramas. Stay tuned for more in our bingeworthy series!

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