Sunday, March 26, 2023

‘Minecraft Dungeons’ Coming May 26

GAMES'Minecraft Dungeons' Coming May 26

The new game Minecraft Dungeons will have the classic look of Minecraft, but with a focus on old-school action-adventure dungeon crawlers. Though it will be in the same universe as Minecraft, there will be less building and digging, and more defeating the monsters that live deep down in the dark. 

You will be able to play both alone or co-op through online or local gameplay. Up to four players will be able to play at the same time, forming a party to take on the forces of evil. Like with many other dungeon-crawl games, there will be different ways to attack. There are up-close melee attacks, ranged attacks from someone hanging back, or just suiting up in the heaviest armor you can find and bulldoze your way through. Minecraft Dungeons will allow you to customize your character and unlock new weapons and enhancements as you go.

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Minecraft Dungeons is coming to Xbox One, PC, PlayStation4, and Nintendo Switch. Will you be the one to defeat the Arch-Illager finally? Find out on May 26. Watch the opening cinematic below!

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