‘Passenger List’ Novel by John Scott Dryden Out Now

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'Passenger List'

Having withdrawals after the season two finale of the podcast Passenger List? We have something to help with it. The tie-in Passenger List novel is out now! The book and the podcast both follow Kaitlin, who investigates the plane crash that killed her twin brother.

The podcast and novel’s premise can be found below.

“When Atlantic Airlines Flight 702 disappears mid-flight between London and New York, the world is stunned. With the public clamouring for answers, authorities seem at a loss as to how to explain the plane’s disappearance. There were 256 passengers on Flight 702, with many carrying dark secrets on board with them. Could one of them hold the truth behind the plane’s disappearance? College student Kaitlin Le’s beloved twin brother Conor was on that plane. She refuses to believe the official statements, or to join her parents in their blind acceptance of Conor’s death. But as she journeys deeper into the murky heart of what really happened on board that plane, it becomes clear she’s drawing attention to herself. And there are some people who would rather the truth behind the fate of Flight 702 stayed buried…”

John Scott Dryden, who also created the mystery sci-fi podcast produced by Radiotopia, wrote the novel. The two seasons of the podcast are available to listen on Apple Podcasts and wherever else you listen to podcasts.

Passenger List is available to purchase now as a hardcover and an eBook version on Amazon.

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