‘Paranormal Activity’ Star Katie Featherston Appeared on ‘My Neighbors Are Dead’ Podcast

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If you’re looking for a fun new podcast to listen to, I have just the one! My Neighbors Are Dead has guest Katie Featherston from the Paranormal Activity films joining the podcast host Adam Peacock. They talk about the horror film Candyman, the synopsis for the episode says:

“This week Adam talks to the amazing Katie Featherston (Paranormal Activity) about athleisure wear, chain restaurants, and storytelling, before we are introduced to a former Chicago grad student of professor Trevor Lyle.”

Adam and Katie kick off the show by talking about her acting debut on Paranormal Activity. She was only out in LA for a little over a year when she auditioned for the role, and the film came out four short years after. Katie attributed it to being the “craziest, life-changing experience” that she’s grateful for. Adam mentions how he was obsessed with it (as we all were when it came out). Katie also tells the story about how her mom comforted a moviegoer who thought the film was real by showing them pictures of Katie to show that it was all ok and just a movie.

My Neighbors Are Dead is a Campfire Media production and is produced by Nate Dufort and hosted by Adam Peacock. Every week, Adam sits down with stars that are lesser-known characters from our favorite horror films, AVClub calls the show “Comedic Gold,” and Vulture calls the podcast “ghoulish, weird, and funny.”

My Neighbors Are Dead has new episodes every Monday, and each episode is roughly an hour-long in length, with 159 episodes to date. Some past guests include fellow podcaster, Jordin Morris, as they talk about everything from Joker portrayals to kidnapping, and Jordin’s early media interests. Also on the show was author Paul PK Kingston, as they talk about Paul’s introduction into the horror genre and life as a published author. James D’Amato from One Shot Network comes to the show and talks with Adam about making your own path and gaming. Some other special guests have included Leslie Seiler and comedian Mark David Christenson. Tune in every Monday to check out who the next guest will be!

You can find this episode, and all of My Neighbors Are Dead episodes on Spotify and iTunes.

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