Wednesday, February 8, 2023

‘Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin’ Trailer Will Raise Your Heart Rate

MOVIES'Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin' Trailer Will Raise Your Heart Rate

Halloween month just got a whole lot scarier thanks to the trailer for Paramount+’s upcoming movie, Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin.

Though the seventh installment is technically a reboot of the franchise that started in 2007, it appears Next of Kin will continue the tradition of utilizing found footage to scare its viewers. This time, however, the movie will get a Midsommar-esque twist as we follow the events transpiring at an Amish community.

In Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin, a documentary filmmaker follows Margot (Emily Bader) as she heads to a secluded Amish community, in search of her long-lost mother and extended family and hopes to learn more about where she comes from. Following a string of strange occurrences, Margot soon realizes this community may be hiding something sinister.

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Check out the full length trailer below.

Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin is directed by William Eubank (Underwater), written by Christopher Landon (Happy Death Day), and produced by Jason Blum and Oren Peli and executive produced by Christopher Landon, Steven Schneider and Jenny Hinkey. The movie stars Emily Bader, Roland Buck III, Dan Lippert and Henry Ayers-Brown.

In addition to the movie, feature-length documentary Unknown Dimensions: The Story of Paranormal Activity will also be available to stream on Paramount+. This documentary will provide fans a deep dive into the making of Paranormal Activity films with never-before-seen footage, interviews, and more.

Both Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin and Unknown Dimensions: The Story of Paranormal Activity will be available to stream October 29 on Paramount+, just in time for Halloween.

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