Bingeworthy: True Crime Podcasts Edition


Since you might not want to spend all your time in front of a screen, we’ve compiled a list of bingeworthy podcasts for all you true crime nerds out there. You can listen to these on walks or while doing chores — just remember to lock your door.

Man in the Window

Hosted by Paige St. John, this podcast reconstructs one of the most interesting cases in the United States: that of the Golden State Killer. For years and years, this man raped, tortured, and killed his victims in the middle of the night, sometimes with their husbands and children present. It is a horrifying story and it is scary. I definitely double-checked if I locked my doors, but it is extremely compelling and wonderfully told.

Down the Hill: The Delphi Murders

Courtesy of HLN

Another shocking and yet unsolved case is those of Abby and Libby, two girls from Delphi who were found murdered near a hiking trail in 2017. What is interesting about this case is that the girls managed to capture their murderer on video on Snapchat, leaving the police with chilling evidence that has not yet led to capture. The title “Down the Hill” is a reference to this video, where a man tells the girls that same thing. The podcast is ongoing, combining a retelling of the case and the evidence with a portrait of the small town and the two victims.

In the Dark

Courtesy of APM reports

Currently two seasons, this podcast covers one specific case per season with incredible attention to detail and great storytelling. Season one focuses on the abduction and murder of Jacob Wetterling, a case that took almost 30 years to be solved. The podcast uncovers the investigation and its mistakes, and how the justice system failed Jacob and his loved ones with their actions. Season two is currently still ongoing and focuses on the case of Curtis Flowers, a black man who has been tried multiple times over the last 20 years and has maintained his innocence. It is a mind-blowing case and the story of a district attorney that is told wonderfully in this podcast. Also, note the recent developments in the case! It’s truly one of the most interesting stories I’ve been invested in.

Root of Evil: The True Story of the Hodel Family and the Black Dahlia

Courtesy of ‘Root of Evil’

The Black Dahlia is one of those true crime stories everyone has heard of, and every other person probably has a theory on it. It is definitely an interesting case to look at, and one with many conspiracy theories attached to it. Root of Evil tells the story from a unique perspective: that of the family of the alleged killer, George Hodel. In the podcast, his ancestors unveil and unravel the story of a family with a history of violence, rape, and murder and try to connect the dots of one of the most famous unsolved murders of the 20th century.

Case Closed

Courtesy of ‘Case Closed’

The premise of this podcast is to showcase crimes where the bad guys “didn’t get away with it” and where good prevails. So far, the podcast has covered two different cases, both of which tell stories of women being murdered and the perpetrators getting caught with the help of investigators and the public. The podcast retells the cases in detail and shows where in the investigation the breakthroughs were made, where police managed to pin the crime to the guilty party, and how the case played out in court.

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