Monday, October 25, 2021

Netflix Cancels ‘Insatiable’ After Two Seasons

The highly controversial Netflix original series, Insatiable starring Debby Ryan, has been cancelled after just two seasons, totaling 22 episodes. The show focused on Patty (Ryan), a former heavyweight teen turned beauty pageant queen and serial killer.

With the quiet cancellation, through a TV Guide article, we will never find out if Bob Armstrong will get out of prison, or which Bob is the father of Coralee’s baby. Further, would Bob and Bob ever resolve their own relationship? By the end of the series, Patty had killed a total of six people, including two to save her mother in self-defense.

Insatiable also starred Alyssa Milano as Coralee, Christopher Gorham as Bob Barnard, and Dallas Roberts as Bob Armstrong. Insatiable may have had its flaws, but the characters were compelling and always entertaining.

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Insatiable is available to stream on Netflix.

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