Top 10 Liz Ortecho Moments from ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season One


Roswell, New Mexico centers on the story of Liz Ortecho, a scientist who returns to her home town 10 years after she left following the tragic accident that took her sister’s life. Little did she know that when she returned, clue after clue would slowly lead her to the truth about Rosa’s death and her high school almost boyfriend, Max Evans, and his family. Liz uses facts and evidence, faces seemingly impossible circumstances, and comes out with the truth time and again throughout the season. She isn’t perfect, but it’s the truth of her character that makes her captivating on screen. She is the kind of female protagonist that is sorely needed right now. Check out her 10 best moments from season one below!

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Liz uses Max’s DNA From a Straw

Liz has a practical mind that rely’s on science and rational reasoning and we see that early on, in episode one in fact. She brings Max a milkshake, who unknowingly takes a drink from it. When Michael causes a distraction nearby (thinking he is protecting their secret) he actually provides Liz the perfect cover for stealing the milkshake back and using the straw with Max’s DNA to get the answers she desperately needs.

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Following Rosa’s Decade Old Clues

Eager to learn more about Rosa and her last few days alive, Liz follows a trail of clues left by her sister in the form of a mix CD. Liz discovers new clues about Rosa with every hiding spot and they ultimately lead her to confronting Max.

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Liz Saves Herself From Wyatt Long Burning Her Alive

Getting knocked unconscious and waking up inside a crate that is doused in gasoline would be downright terrifying. Ever the badass, Liz is able to stay levelheaded enough to break the crate just moments after Wyatt Long sets it ablaze in an attempt to kill her.

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Liz Realizes That Isobel Killed Rosa

If we learned anything from season one, it’s that Liz is a Nancy Drew level investigator when it comes to Rosa’s mysterious death. After checking on an injured Max who took a bullet for her, she slowly pieces together the truth, which ultimately forces Max into a corner as she demands the truth from him. Her persistence pays off in this moment, as she finally gets to the bottom of Rosa’s untimely death.

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Liz Falls for Max

While Liz has many amazing logic-driven moments, she does have a few heart driven ones. The most visible of those is her slowly but surely falling for Max. She is resistant at first as she tries to process his feelings for her, then pushes him away when the truth about Rosa is revealed. Ultimately though, she comes to terms with their past and falls for Max a little at a time until finally she realizes her feelings and confesses them. She put down her armor for Max Evans.

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Liz Uses Silver to put Isobel Back in her Pod

After Isobel injects herself with the serum Liz created, things quickly go south as her cells begin to rapidly deteriorate. With only hours left to live and Max’s powers are unable to heal her, Liz rushes to the lab to try and come up with an antidote. She knows she (and Michael) can do it, but not in the timeframe they have to do it. When he suggests putting Isobel in the pod until they can find a cure, Liz agrees as Michael leaves to pick up Isobel. She realizes they can melt down silver and cover Isobel in it so she can reenter her pod, effectively freezing her in time and thus saving Isobel’s life.

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Teams Up with Michael to Create the Antidote to Save Isobel

The quick thinking on Liz’s part brings us to the next favorite moment. Rather than struggle on her own, Liz suggests that she and Michael work together to find the cure. He is hesitant (shocker), but between his alien tech knowledge and her expertise they ultimately put their heads together and come up with a serum in just a few months!

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Finds and Rescues Max and Michael the Night of the UFO Emporium Reopening 

As the gala is in full swing, Liz and Isobel quickly realize that it is very unlike Max (not so much Michael, but still odd) to not show up without even a word. Liz realizes they must be in trouble and one of the only places they could be is Michael’s secret bunker. She races to the rescue using a truck to move Michael’s airstream and free them. Who says only men can save the day?

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Solves the Mystery of the Fourth Alien

As Liz, Max, Michael, and Isobel hurry to figure out who the fourth alien is before they kill again, their suspect pool is narrowed down considerably when they possess Maria and steal the fake vial. Liz realizes that the alien could very well be Noah, so rather than confront him, she recalls the hospital shooting and the blood on her lab coat. Acting fast she runs home and verifies that Noah is the fourth alien they have been looking for.

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Liz Injects Noah Rendering him Powerless

Once again proving that she is a total badass, Liz hides in Noah’s car and waits for him. Just before he starts the car Liz jumps up out of the backseat and injects Noah with the original serum. This moment culminates with Liz throwing one heck of punch right to Noah’s face when his powers (which he was using to control her) quit working!

There is no denying that Roswell‘s leading lady is one tough woman. She’s bold, driven, and smart. Liz refuses to back down from bullies and actively pursues the truth, sometimes to her own detriment. Her character is made all the more powerful by the excellent portrayal from Jeanine Mason. She breathes life into Liz effortlessly, making us feel every heartache, every emotion that Liz feels. Season one was filled with amazing Liz moments, and we can’t wait to see what season two will bring. After all, Liz Ortecho makes things happen.

Roswell, New Mexico returns to The CW at 9/8c on March 16.

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