‘Katy Keene’ Recap: Katy Faces the Aftermath of a Surprise Proposal in Season 1, Episode 2 “Chapter Two: You Can’t Hurry Love”


Continuing directly where the series premiere left off, KO has just proposed to Katy. But what will she say? Also, Josie gets a new job (that may not last long) as Jorge struggles to book a role on Broadway.

Find out what happens in the second episode of Katy Keene, “Chapter Two: You Can’t Hurry Love.”

Katy looks at KO, drawing a crowd, but before she has a chance to say anything, someone steals the ring from KO, and the guy runs off. KO starts to go after him, but Katy stops him. KO tells her he’s not going to let him get away and runs after him. At the apartment, Katy tells Josie, Pepper, and Jorge what happened. Pepper tells Katy she is the latest victim of the Alphabet City Bandit. Jorge, however, is only concerned with what Katy said after KO proposed. Katy says the ring was stolen before she got a chance to answer him, but she’s not sure if she was going to say yes, despite everything being perfect. Josie tells Katy that maybe the ring getting stolen was fate. If KO doesn’t get it back tonight or ask Katy for an answer, it’ll buy her some time to do a little soul-searching and see if he’s the one. Katy agrees that she just needs time to think. KO comes back, saying he chased the guy for twelve blocks, but it was no use. He tells Katy he’s not going to let anyone ruin this for her; he’ll get the ring back and make this right.

Katy gets a surprising call from Gloria, telling her she needs her at Lacy’s right now. When Katy gets there, a doorman shows her the front of the Daily Hail newspaper, with Pepper’s column about the Alphabet City Bandit and Katy and KO’s proposal. Everyone looks at Katy as she rushes past them to line up with Gloria’s girls. Gloria tells them all that Prince Errol is returning, and she needs every one of her girls at the ready. Katy tells Gloria her morning meeting with Francois is about to start; he’s her boss now. Gloria says the prince’s team called, and they specifically requested Katy since she made an impression on the prince last time. Gloria tells Katy to start pulling engagement rings. Prince Errol is planning on proposing to Patricia. Gloria says that this is Lacy’s chance to take part in a royal engagement.

While going over rings, Katy sees Francois and apologizes to him, saying Gloria called her in early. Francois tells Katy she’s not off to a good start, missing the morning meeting. Katy says she will make it up to him, doing whatever he wants. Francois tells him to pull out some dress options for a new bridal window. He’ll let it slide today, but she needs to make a choice — him or Gloria.

Lucy Hale in ‘Katy Keene.’ Image courtesy of The CW.

Jorge is working at a grocery store when his mother comes up to him, showing him information about an audition for Cats on Broadway. Jorge says he’s going to take a break from Broadway; he’s tired of being told “no.” His mother says being told “no” is part of the job. Does he know how many times she had to audition before she became a Rockette? Jorge tells her she’s right; he’ll audition. It’s his job.

Josie is out walking when she passes by a record store with a “Help Wanted” sign. She asks the owner, Chubby, if he’s still hiring, but he says he should’ve taken the sign down months ago. Josie persists. Is he sure he couldn’t use an extra set of hands? She just needs to be around music. Chubby gives in, telling her he could use some “youthful idealism” around the place.

Jorge is doing a great job at the Cats audition, but the director receives some information about him. He tells Jorge he can go; they heard about his violent outburst during his Mannequin audition. The director that Jorge threw shade at happens to be a close friend of his. “I don’t tolerate disrespect, and I don’t want you in my show.” Later that day, Jorge is talking to an agent on the phone. The agent tells him blowing off a director has consequences. Jorge pleads with the agent to give him another chance. The agent tells Jorge they’re seeing people for the historical rap musical, Jefferson. He’ll submit Jorge but not his antics.

Katy is showing Prince Errol engagement rings, but none are just perfect enough for Patricia; he can’t seem to make up his mind. He asks Gloria if they do custom rings, and Gloria tells him they have the finest in-house jewelers. Since Katy knows what Patricia likes, Prince Errol asks her to design something for them. Katy says she would love to, and Gloria tells Prince Errol she’ll talk to the goldsmith to make arrangements.

Alex meets Josie on her break, telling her he has wanted to explain himself since that day at the studio. Alex says there isn’t currently a record label at Cabot Entertainment, but there used to be one. His dad told him he could reboot it and get it back to its roots if he found the right artist. Alex tells Josie he’s been listening to the recorded demo and thinks he knows where they went wrong. They made something good, but he thinks she can make it better. Alex says he’s booked Josie studio time, but Josie says she has bills to pay.

Ashleigh Murray and Lucien Laviscount in ‘Katy Keene.’ Image courtesy of The CW.

KO meets with Katy on her break. KO gets a text from his mom, telling Katy she wanted to throw them an engagement dinner that night, and she’s not taking no for an answer. Katy says they’ll go, and KO tells her he talked to his mom after she read the article in the paper. She just assumed Katy said yes, and he didn’t correct her; she would’ve freaked out. Katy understands and says she still wants to go to dinner. “Your family is my family, right?”

At the dinner, KO’s mom, June, tells Katy she’s known her for a long time and can see when there’s something wrong, but Katy says she’s fine. June tells Katy she misses her mom too and would have loved to see Katy and KO get married. June tells Katy she has something for her and shows her a ring. It was June’s mother’s. She tried offering it to KO, but he wanted to save up and buy his own. June says she knows she could never take the place of Katy’s mother, but she’s always been like a daughter to her. She’s been hoping that a day would come she would offer the ring to Katy, but Katy says she can’t accept it. June tells Katy she’ll hold on to it until she’s ready.

The next day, Katy shows Prince Errol her design for the engagement ring, and he loves it. With this ring, how can she say no? Later, Gloria tells Katy, watching her work with the prince, that she has to admit Katy has a way with clients. A certain quality which can’t be taught. Gloria says she’d like to welcome Katy back to her department as one of her girls. Katy is flattered but says she officially works with Francois now. Gloria says she’ll talk to him; they can work out an arrangement where Katy can split her time between departments. That way, she doesn’t have to make a choice. And speaking of choices, Katy talks to Gloria about KO, saying she has yet to respond to his proposal. She finally found her answer last night — she loves KO, but it makes it so much harder because she doesn’t want to marry him. Katy doesn’t want to lose him or hurt him.

“You have to tell him the truth. Even if it means losing him or hurting him.”

Lucy Hale in ‘Katy Keene.’ Image courtesy of The CW.

Jorge gets a call about his audition, telling his mom he got it. However, Jorge says they didn’t want him for the Broadway show, only for the tour. His mom says this is a good thing; he should be happy.

At the record store, Chubby tells Josie he lost a four-year battle with his landlord. They have two weeks to clear out. Josie says that can’t be happening; this place has so much history; maybe they can get it declared as a city landmark. “New York isn’t what it used to be.” Chubby says every day, another historical landmark disappears. If Josie has to start looking for another gig, Chubby says he’ll understand.

That night, Josie tells Katy, Pepper, and Jorge that Chubby’s Record Shop is closing next week. Pepper says the shop needs someone who can save it, and Josie admits she does know one rich and famous person, but that would mean getting entangled with the Cabots.

“Those siblings are more drama than Cheryl and Jason Blossom, and one of them died.”

Maybe it’s worth the risk? Jorge breaks the news that he’s leaving New York since he booked a role. Who knows? Maybe after a year or two, if he does a good job, it could lead to a Broadway production. He has to do it even if it means leaving them and New York. Jorge invites the girls to Ginger’s final performance at Molly’s Crisis.

While getting ready, Jorge confirms to the other Drag Queens, Damsel Washington, and Hedda Lettuce, that it’s Ginger’s farewell show. Jorge is bringing all the wigs with him; Ginger’s going to be the fiercest tornado the Midwest has ever seen. Damsel tells him Queens like them aren’t exactly welcomed there, and Hedda adds she hopes he’s been doing his spring cleaning because Ginger’s going right back into the closet.

Jonny Beauchamp in ‘Katy Keene.’ Image courtesy of The CW.

Katy, Josie, and Pepper are at the bar when Alex comes up to them. Josie tells Alex the owner of Chubby’s Record Shop just found out they’re tripling his rent, so it’s closing. “Another New York original bites the dust.” Unless someone steps in to save it … Alex tells Josie he’ll see what he can do. The lights go down, and Ginger Lopez is on stage for her final performance. As Ginger performs, she looks out at Katy, Josie, and Pepper and runs off stage. The three of them get to the dressing room, and she tells them she’s doing her thing out there but looking at them, she just came undone. Ginger says if she’s going to give everything up to be on Broadway, something she’s wanted since she was a little kid, it has to be for something worthwhile. She has to stay; she can’t give up Ginger and the girls and everything.

Katy is helping Francois with the bridal window and says that Gloria is right about KO. She has to be honest and tell him he doesn’t want to marry him. Maybe she will one day, just not right now. Francois says if you feel uncertain about something in life, you have to run towards it, not away. “Yes and no aren’t the only answers.” Isn’t KO worth a little risk?

Josie and Alex are at Chubby’s, and Alex says he’s proud to be part of this; he’ll make sure to keep the integrity of the place intact; he doesn’t want the place to change. Xandra tells Alex she’s there to survey their latest acquisition. As the Senior VP of Cabot Entertainment, Xandra is the new owner of Chubby’s Record Shop.

Katy tells KO she loves him, but they’re too young to get married. She also feels like they missed an important step in their relationship, something they should take before they go all in. Katy asks KO to move in with her, and he says of course. He can’t wait to wake up with her every morning.

Lucy Hale and Zane Holtz in ‘Katy Keene.’ Image courtesy of The CW.

Katy Keene airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on The CW.

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